Royal dairies

Ashely or Ashie as her friends called her,is the princess of Ireland.She is an only child and next in line to rule all of Ireland.She is smart,athletic,beautiful,and caring.She was obviously perfect to rule over Ireland.She is a huge one direction fan and saw Niall's audition in Dublin.She decided that before she became queen she wanted to meet them and with her mother on her death bed she decides to ask them to come to her castle in a Belfast countryside.When they come drama stirs and shit goes to find out


1. Forgetfulness

Ashely's POV:
I sat in a chair next to my mother who was deathly sick with pneumonia."do you remember when we watched the lion king together" mom asked."yes" I said."well I feel that the sun has begun to set on my time here and shall arise with you" mother said.I stood up."Alfred" I yelled."it's Charles,but what do you want madam" Charles asked."did you call Simon" I asked."yes" Charles said."and what did he say" I asked."he said that they would stay here for two weeks starting tomorrow,I suggest you go to your room and get some rest" Charles."I'm going to my room because I want to,not because you recommended for me to" I said."you've been saying that for eleven years now" Charles said.I giggled and ran to my room.A little bit about myself I'm eighteen I have dirty blonde hair,fair skin,blue eyes,and a very clear complexion no pimples no scars and no freckles,I have a somewhat curvy body.I looked out my bedroom window and saw some people standing below my window."hello my peoples" I yelled."imma go to bed" I yelled.Everyone hushed and left.I changed into a silk Japanese night gown that the emperor sent me.I threw myself under my Egyptian cotton sheets and rested my eyes.I heard Charles repeating my name."what" I said."your guests are here" Charles said while handing me my outfit.It was a red dress,white gloves,my dimand tiara,and my dimand necklace.I quickly changed and told Charles I was ready."and now I present to you her royal majesty Ashley Alexandria Aoibheann" Charles said.I gracefully walked down our grand staircase and met the boys at the bottom."it is an honor" Liam said."the pleasure's all mine" I said."your home is beautiful" Louis said."thank you" I said."please allow me to show you boys to your rooms" I said.A few of my servants collected their bags and followed me up the stairs."this is Liam's room" I said while opening the door to room 47."sweet" Liam said.Liam dropped off his bags and followed me on the grand tour along with the other boys."so that is my kingdom" I said."woah" Niall said."thank you for letting us stay here princess Ashley" they all said."please call me Ashie" I said.They all nodded."do you guys wanna see something cool" I asked.They all nodded.I led them down to the stables and got them on horses.I climbed on my horse princess and got into sidesaddle position."follow me" I said.I whipped princesses reins and she began cantering off in the direction of my secret place.Princess sped up to a gallop.I looked back and the boys were following without trouble.I pulled princesses reins when I heard the waterfall.I pushed away the hanging moss and hopped off princess.I looked at my secret lake/waterfall/garden."wow" the boys all said."get off your horses and come with me" I said.The boys jumped off their horsesI climbed into my private tree house.The boys joined me."give me a sec to change,then we can go swimming" I said.I changed into my swimsuit and jumped out of the tree house and into the lake.I splashed the boys and they all jumped in."this is totally awesome" Harry said."yeah" I said "what did you think I was all dull and boring" I asked."well yeah" Louis said."yeah everyone thinks that" I said.I looked at my waterproof watch and noticed what time it was."we have to go its almost time for my ballroom dancing lesson" I said.I jumped out of the water,changed,and jumped on princess.We all rode towards the castle where I saw Charles waiting for us at the stables."look Alfred I can explain" I began."no need my lady,I've pushed back your ballroom dancing lesson" Charles said."thanks Alfredo" I joked."I don't get payed enough for this" Charles sighed."you get payed to much to do this" I said."oh by the way,happy almost birthday princess" Charles said.How did I forget that tomorrow's my nineteenth birthday.
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