To Be Determined

Rie (pronounced like Ree), an awkward, silly, larger then life dancer from L.A. is asked to audition for a part in the next One Direction world tour. Rie is reluctant because she doesn't understand why she was asked to addition, after all she is only 17 and she has never danced a day outside of the studio in her life. Her friend Beth convinces her its a good idea and to embrace the challenge and any adventure to come along with it. Mean wile the boys are trying to convince there manager and record label that dancers aren't a necessity and they are extra show that they just don't need. the story of young love and an unexpected journey that will take you on the ride of your life.


3. You never know until you try.

 Rie's POV

     I pull my keys out of my pocket and fumble with them, trying to find the one to my apartment. I shove them in the lock and am about to open the door when it swings open.

"Where have you been?," Beth says standing in the doorway blocking my entrance. I laugh and push my way through.

"I stopped at Starbucks," I say waving our peppermint white chocolate mochas in her face. I throw my keys on the counter,

 "Hey why was the door locked if you're home?" I ask. Beth and I share a small apartment in downtown LA. Beth is pretty much loaded (super rich) so she pays for everything. I don't like that I can't really contribute other then coffee every other day but after I told Beth about what I ran from, she wouldn't let me pay for anything. 

"I'll take that thank you," she says as she slips the cup out of my hand and plops down on the turquois couch. "Apartment 1c was robbed last week and I just feel safer with the doors locked," Beth says taking a sip from her Mocha.

"I see," I say, pulling my bag off of my shoulder and Joining her on the couch. We just sit there for a bit drinking our coffee, I reach for the remote but Beth slaps my hand away.

"What!" I say, stroking my hand as if the slap hurt. Beth just rolls her eyes.

"So have you thought about it?" she says eagerly, shifting her body like she's waiting for an exiting answer.

"Thought about what,"

"What do you mean thought about what, the dance audition!" she says slapping me on my shoulder.

"Oh the dance thing," I say.

"Yea the dance thing," she says mockingly, I laugh a little. The truth is I haven't giving it much though at all. I mean wow, its a great opportunity but is it really right for me right now? I have only been in LA for awhile and I'm not even that great of a dancer. Maybe I should just stay here and focus on my schooling. Ugh but what happens if Beth gets a spot and I'm left here alone to play for rent and schooling. I can't afford that, hell I can barley afford dance school.

"I Don't know," I say between sips "What if this just isn't right for me now," 

"But what if it is?" she says excitedly, "You know, You'll never know until you try,"

"mm words of wisdom," I say smiling and tap my cup against hers.

"Does that mean you'll go!" Beth's face lights up, I pause before I answer

"Maybe," I smile, pop up and run to my room before Beth can get a word in edge wise.

"You better!" she yells after me but my door is already closed. 

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