To Be Determined

Rie (pronounced like Ree), an awkward, silly, larger then life dancer from L.A. is asked to audition for a part in the next One Direction world tour. Rie is reluctant because she doesn't understand why she was asked to addition, after all she is only 17 and she has never danced a day outside of the studio in her life. Her friend Beth convinces her its a good idea and to embrace the challenge and any adventure to come along with it. Mean wile the boys are trying to convince there manager and record label that dancers aren't a necessity and they are extra show that they just don't need. the story of young love and an unexpected journey that will take you on the ride of your life.


1. The past, and Present.


    Rie's POV


     The last thing I hear before my body go's on auto pilot is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I'm a dance student here at HDC. Dancing is the only place I feel like I'm... Well me. I used to dance to escape, but my life here is just fine so now I dance because, well dance is kind of like a language. It may not be your first language but after a while you can speak it fluently, and you will never forget it.  I leap,  looking at myself in the mirror wall. My Blonde wavy hair whips as I hit the ground falling on my knees with emotion. I'm a contemporary/modern dancer and I love it. Here I can wrap myself up in dancing and music and forget everything I ran from.

       6 Months Earlier.

I sit in my room, legs chriss crossed on my bed while I finish up some home work. I type in the last couple words when I hear a nock at my door but before I can respond the door creaks open. I look up and see my mom peeking in through the doorway

"Come in," I say even though I wish she wouldn't. She pushes open the door with one hand and steadies her self on the door frame with the other. She's drunk, just like every other night she's not working.

"I'm going to bed," She blurts, her words slurred. 

"Okay," I say quietly, looking back down at my lap top screen and typing trying to look busy. Maybe she will go away if I'm busy.

"So uh, you need to clean your room," she pauses, " I expect it done bye tomorrow when I get home from work," I look around my room. Aside from the one towel and a sweater on the floor everything is neat and tidy

"Sure," I say nodding. A look of rage quickly spreads over her face.

"No not sure, You will do it and you will clean to MY standards!" she puts emphasis on the "my" as if there where some one else I was trying to please.

"I'm sorry," I say meekly. It wouldn't have made a difference if I had of screamed it because I Knew  what was coming next.

"Do you see that god damn sweater that you tossed on the floor?!" She yelled. It's like when she yells all the slurring in her words go's away because every word came out crisp with malice. "I bought that for you last week and you treat it so carelessly!"

"I..." I try to apologise but she interrupts me.

"You ungrateful little bitch!" she walks toward me, stumbling over her own feet as she crosses the room. She gets to  my bed and wraps her hand around my wrist, digging her nails under my flesh

"Oww!" I cry, as she drags me off my bed

"Yea well maybe ill be as careless with you as you are with the things I buy you," she says as she pulls me out of my room and down the hall to the stair case.

"mom stop!" I say, I try to pull my arm free but it just tears the skin on my arm even more. she drags me down the stairs "Stop!" I cry, "Your over reacting!" we  make our way to the living room and stop.

"What did she do now," says my step dad Gerry. His words are harsh and a smirk creeps across his face.

"She is an undeserving, ungrateful brat," my mother says. Her words would hurt but I have herd them from her to many times. Gerry just smiles and turns back to the TV. She pulls me through the kitchen and down another hall until we reach the front porch.

"what are you doing," I ask confused. She opens up the porch door and pushes me inside.

"Good night," she says smiling, then slams the porch door and locks it. Only when I see her shadow leave from the crack under the door do I start to cry. I grab some jackets off the hooks and sit down in a corner. I cover myself in jacket and use them as a blanket to keep out the freezing December draft. All I remember after that is a blur, and something I would rather keep out of my memories.

     Current Day

     the music stops and I smile and blush as the students applaud. Here on the dance floor is where I belong. I belong no where near my past



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