To Be Determined

Rie (pronounced like Ree), an awkward, silly, larger then life dancer from L.A. is asked to audition for a part in the next One Direction world tour. Rie is reluctant because she doesn't understand why she was asked to addition, after all she is only 17 and she has never danced a day outside of the studio in her life. Her friend Beth convinces her its a good idea and to embrace the challenge and any adventure to come along with it. Mean wile the boys are trying to convince there manager and record label that dancers aren't a necessity and they are extra show that they just don't need. the story of young love and an unexpected journey that will take you on the ride of your life.


2. Me?

     Rie's POV

     I walk over the opposite side of the studio and sit down beside Beth.

"How do you do that?" Beth whispers to me as another student takes the floor.

"Do what?" I say smiling. I cross my legs and stretch my arms across my chest.

"You know, dance like that. I don't think there was one person in this room that wasn't staring," me?  I'm nothing special just a seventeen year old girl that hasn't danced a day out side of a studio in her life.

"I don't know what your talking about," I say a with a smile peaking through the corners of my mouth. If there were one person in the room for people to stare at it would be Beth. Her deep brown pin straight hair was the meaning of beautiful. Her face was perfectly proportioned, slim nose, dark green eyes, high cheek bones, full lips. When Beth danced people would stare in awe or envy but not for her dancing, just for her. she's never liked that.

"Well I'm pretty sure he knows what I'm talking about," Beth says pointing to man in a suit talking to our dance instructor Ebony. Who was he? I know I have never seen him around here before and he is far to old to be a student.

"Who is he?" I Whisper to Beth, some one elbows me from behind. the gesture says that I need to stop talking but who really cares.

"Rumor says he's her scouting for back up dancers or something," Beth says wide eyed. If any one here was going to be noticed by that man it would be Beth, we'll just have to wait until its her turn to dance and boom. He wont be able to look away. We sit in silence as one by one people get up and dance. we were assigned a creative project where we would make up our own routine but it had to emphasize our favorite body part. Ebony said it had something to do with playing up our strengths or something like that.

"Beth," Ebony said from across the room, "You're up," Beth looks at me with both an exited look and a nervous one. I put my hand on her shoulder to try and calm her down

"You got this," I say and Beth gets up and strides over to Ebony and hands her a CD. As Ebony walks over to the CD player I realize that Beth never told me what song she was using, come to think of it she told me nothing about what she was doing for the project in total. Knowing Beth she will probably do something classy like Adele because of her ballet background, but that thought slips away and my jaw drops when I hear the song start playing. Britney Spears, Toxic was blasting through the speakers and Beth starts dancing what looks like contemporary Hip-hop or something crazy you would pull off the streets. As the song hits it's climax Beth tears her white thin shirt revealing her neon pink sports bra. I look around and see everyone in a trance, I have to say she's pretty ballsy for pulling this off at the start of the term. The son stops and Beth ends in some sort of sexual position and the guys in the room break out in full applaud as do I. Beth takes a deep breath gets up and walks back over to me. she sits down and I just stare at her for a moment.

"What?" she whispers to me

"You know perfectly well what," I say giving her a shocked grin

"Well I wanted to try something different," she says laughing. Beth was the last one to go and Ebony dismisses us. Beth and I pick up our bags and are getting ready to leave when we hear Ebony say something to us.

"Um Rie, Beth" she yells over the chatter, "Can I speak with you for a moment?" Beth and I shoot each other a worried look

"What do you think we did" she mutters to me. I shrug and we walk over to Ebony and the strange man in the suit. Beth wraps her arm around mine in nervousness.

"Beth and Rie I would like you to meet..." she was cut off by the out of place man standing beside her.

"Paul Higgins," he says and sticks his hand out, I shake it and Beth follows. he hands us each a piece of paper that says OFFICAIL INVATATION TO THE TMH DANCE AUDITION... with other information saying location, date and time.

"Umm..." I didn't really understand what this meant, like what the hell is a TMH? but all I hear is a shriek come out of Beth's mouth.

"What?" I say looking from Beth to this Paul man. but Beth just stares at the paper.

"I would like the two of you to audition as dancers for the TMH world tour" says Paul his chest puffed out like he just won a battle or something.

" What's a TMH tour?" I ask him, confused.

"You know, Take Me Home... One Direction," he say shocked that I hadn't a clue what he was saying earlier.

"Ohh," I say "That boy band from the UK," I say. he just looks at my like I've said something wrong. "You want me to audition?" I ask shocked. Beth being asked I could understand especially after that little erotic performance she put on. He just nods the starts saying something to Ebony signalling that that's our que to leave.

      I pull Beth's speechless body away from the pair and lead her to the door. All I could think about was why me? I mean honestly though just less then a year ago coming to L.A. would have just been a dream and now I'm being asked to audition to go on a world tour. Maybe this is all to soon, maybe I should just stay here and finish my term and look for other offers. I guess for now I will wait for Beth to regain her ability to think straight and ask her what she thinks about it.


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