To Be Determined

Rie (pronounced like Ree), an awkward, silly, larger then life dancer from L.A. is asked to audition for a part in the next One Direction world tour. Rie is reluctant because she doesn't understand why she was asked to addition, after all she is only 17 and she has never danced a day outside of the studio in her life. Her friend Beth convinces her its a good idea and to embrace the challenge and any adventure to come along with it. Mean wile the boys are trying to convince there manager and record label that dancers aren't a necessity and they are extra show that they just don't need. the story of young love and an unexpected journey that will take you on the ride of your life.


4. I Hope.

Harry's POV

     Liam paces the floor in the kitchen talking to some one from management, I only hear snippets of there conversation.

"This is just an outrageous waist of money," I hear Liam say into the phone. Some mumbles follow and the occasional out burst.

     We have been staying in this California beach house for the past couple of months and we'll be going back to prepare for our tour in about two weeks. With the tour so close what could management possibly want to change.

"Louis," Liam yells from the  kitchen, "You're needed on the phone,"

"Tell em ill ring them back in a bit, I'm skyping El," He yells from his room upstairs.

"No, now!" Liam yells back at Louis. Liam almost sounds mad and Liam's never mad. I hear Louis rush down stairs and see him walk past the sitting room into the kitchen.

"it's management," says Liam as he hands off the phone to Louis and runs his hands down his face in frustration. I get up and make my way to the kitchen sitting down on a stool on the opposite side from Louis.

"Hello," Louis says with confusion. I hear the babbling of a woman of the other end of the phone and Louis disagreeing with something. I shoot Liam a look

"What's going on?" I mouth at him. He just shakes his and mouths the words

"One minuet," I get up turn around and head to the fridge to grab a drink. It sounds like Lois is arguing or trying to compromise something, but I've zoned out and am concentrating on the contents of the fridge. nothing. Niall probably raided it last night. I settle for a glass of water from the tap and finish filling it just as Louis hangs up the phone and slams it on the counter.

"You alright there lad?" I ask curious as to why Liam and Louis are so frustrated.

"Niall, Zayn ," Louis yells. Zayn comes in from the back deck and Niall comes from upstairs with a half eaten muffin in his mouth.

"what," Niall says his words muffled but the soggy muffin now half on his shirt half chewed into paste. Lois runs his hand through trough his hair. He opens up his mouth to talk but he's interrupted

"Management is in the proses of hiring dancers for the tour," Liam says unhappily. my mouth drops open

"What?" I say.

"Wait does this mean we will have to dance to because that's just not happening lads," Niall says swallowing the last of his muffin.

"Gosh no," says Louis

"Well did you tell them that we don't need them?" asks Zayn.

"They've already sent out the invitations" says Liam pinching the bridge of his nose. 

"Well I told them we were okay with it..."says Louis

"You did what now?!" Says Liam looking surprised and frustrated in the same facial expression.

"You didn't let me finish," says Louis, "I sais that we would be fine wit it as long as A: they were only used in four songs maximum B: there were no more then eight dancers and C: we had final say in the decision as to who the dancers are," Louis says. Liam seems to relax a little but you can tell he is still unhappy.

"I'm just going for a walk," Liam says disappointed and walks down to the beach. Niall and Zayn exit the room and head upstairs with out saying anything. I just stare at Lou for a bit.

"You know I'm still not happy with this Lou," I say looking down at my glass of water.

"No one is Harry," says Louis " Don't worry about it to much, I'm sure management knows what there doing," I hope he's right. Maybe this will be a good thing for us. I hope. 

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