What happens to a girl when her childhood is torn apart? Her parents divorced, nobody to trust, no one to talk to, and constant pain. Then she met him. Is she saved or is it too good to be true?


14. Zack

          Zack and Marie had all of the same friends. Marie and Kodi wanted to have a movie night but it was going to be like a big quadruple date (but Marie and Zack werer'nt dating) with Kodi and Nick, Kendal and Micky, and Cali and Jake. All of the couples were cuddling and kissing and Marie and Zack were just sitting there making fun of the movie, laughing and eating skittals, they  had fun even though they were the only ones not sucking face. Marie played the piano for him and he loved it, he never wanted her to stop. 

            That weekend Kodi was going to spend the night at Marie's, they wanted Zack to be there so they went and got him. They sat down stars on the couch, Kodi on the other couch and watched movies, but like always Marie and Zack were making fun of the movie and laughing, Kodi was so mad because she couldn't hear the movie. Marie was cold so Zack gave her his jacket and sat next to her. After Kodi fell asleep Marie and Zack started talking about things that have happened to them, Zack's dad left him and his mom when he was young, and his step dad tried killing himself, Zack had depression just like Marie, they had more in common then they thought. Marie was telling him about what happened with her brother, she almost started crying and he grabbed her hand. They sat in silence holding hands and thinking. Zack made a joke and they started laughing again, they ended up kissing, it was amazing, their lips fit together perfectly, they didnt want it to end. They stayed up all night talking, laughing, and kissing. That night was flawless. The next day on April 27th 1014 he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes.

Marie's pov.

               I know that this might be early but I think I'm in love with Zack, he understands everything about me and I wouldnt mind spending every day with him. He is absolutely amazing.

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