What happens to a girl when her childhood is torn apart? Her parents divorced, nobody to trust, no one to talk to, and constant pain. Then she met him. Is she saved or is it too good to be true?


6. Suicide

Marie's pov.


   Kate and I have grew so close. We know everything about each other. She is more like a sister to me. 

Kate's pov.

   a little green and white box. My brother brought home a box of cigarets. He was smoking them when I asked him why he did it. He said that it relived stress. He also smoked weed. I wish there was something for me to relive stress. Stress from my mom, and siblings. It's ben like this cense dad left. 

   My mom has ben charged with identity theft. My oldest brother is constantly yelling at her telling her to do something with her life and feed us, but she never listens she just sits in her chair with alcohol and drinks until she falls asleep. I just want to leave.  

   Marie knows about everything now. We talk every day, always a new story about how the world decides to fuck us over. We don't deserve this.

   I've started smoking with my brother, weed, anything that i can find to help me forget about everything. I hate it, yet I love it. I never thought that I would do something like that because of hearing what it did to Marie's parents but I just don't care anymore. She'll understand. 

   Marie's pov.

   She is just like my parents. I can't believe it. She is just like them. I told her that I hated what she does and she understands why.

   Someone found out about what Kate does. It spread through the school like a weed. No one would talk to her. her mom found out and she hit Kate for the first time. Her mom shoved her out the door and told her not to come back. 

   Kate never came back. 

   She left me a note on my trampoline. It explained about how she loved me like family and she wishes she could be there for me. 

   Kate killed herself at age 10 because her mom hated her, everyone hated her. I didn't hate her. She was dead now. I have nobody. Again. 


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