What happens to a girl when her childhood is torn apart? Her parents divorced, nobody to trust, no one to talk to, and constant pain. Then she met him. Is she saved or is it too good to be true?


13. New Start

               Marie and her mom decided that she should start going to a new school, so she started to Linclon Alternative High school. She loved it, one class a day for 3 weeks (a block), you get out earlier, less people, and a new start. Marie started smoking pot. She had 2 friends Katrina and Kaylee, they were friends for 3 blocks then one night, they were in a car of people that Marie didnt know, they starting smoking weed and got pulled over, they all got arrested. 

            Marie stopped being friends with Katrina and Kaylee because they were nothing but trouble just like Anna and Maddy. She dated a couple of guys for a week or 2 but they were just not what she wanted.

             Block 10 was in April of 2014 Marie met Zack, he was 3 years older then her but she didnt care, she wanted to talk to him, he played guitar in a band, he was her dream guy. 

Marie's pov.

              I messaged Zack on facebook, We've been talking for a few days but neither of us have the guts to talk to each other, but I'm sure we will soon, he calls me cutie and I tell him how dreamy he is, I really like him. There's this girl that rides my bus that I've been talking to, Kodi, she's known Zack for a long time. He always sits in the seat behind me on the bus. Kodi and I were talking about the difference between a stripper and a hooker, so I got the guts, turned around and said, "Whats the difference between a stripper and a hooker." He looked at me for a second then said "me" He is so awkward and funny I love it. We stared talking after that, on the bus, at school, his best friend worked with my brother so I already knew him. 


             One day on the bus Kodi was sitting in front of Marie and Zack was sitting behind her (as always). Marie asked Kodi if she wanted to come over, she couldn't so she turned around and asked Zack, she said sure but it had to be a little after he got off the bus. Marie got of the bus, went into her house, cleaned everything, then Zack texted her and said he was on his way with his best friend Kendal. They got there and hung out Kendal left so Marie and Zane were alone, They played video games and laughed the whole time. 



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