What happens to a girl when her childhood is torn apart? Her parents divorced, nobody to trust, no one to talk to, and constant pain. Then she met him. Is she saved or is it too good to be true?


5. New but Still Broken

Marie's pov.

   I'm 10 now. My mom Is out of jail. I see her every wednesday and saturday. When I go to her house there is always a supervisor. I go through a lot of counseling, personal counseling, family counseling, anger management. My personal counselor always had dolls for me to play with, and whenever i played with them the parents would always be fighting. She didn't know about what happened to me with Lance or my brother, but she knew everything els.   

   My great grandma Mary died about 2 years ago I miss her so bad. She was always helping someone, she was ice to everyone, she could cook and take care of children like nobody I've ever seen before. I looked up to her I wanted to be just like her. I could never be that amazing.

   I have written my dad a lot. I don't really remember a lot about him he was probably not around a lot when I was little, but i guess thats his fault. Maybe it's my fault. Maybe I'm not pretty enough or nice enough or smart enough. He sends me cute cards that he drew for my birthday, he is in texas now. He has ben to so many states its hard to keep track of where he is. My aunt told me more about why my dad went to prison. He stabbed someone, and he was also dealing drugs. 

   I like my new school. I have more friends than I've ever had. One girl that moved here from Utah understands me. She didn't go through anything that i went through, but she listened, and that's all i needed. Her name was Kate.

   Kate was my first and only friend that came to my house. My aunt let her stay the night and we would sleep on the trampoline, and we would go swimming together at the lake. 

   There were so many new things happening to my life. It seemed to be getting better. Instead of F's and D's I had A's and B's. my uncle todd would help me with my math. I was never good at math. I was in dance and gymnastics. We would do things as a family all of the time. When i first moved in i was always grounded for lying, steeling, or being mean, but the concealing helped and i broke those habits. I finally felt like i belonged. I felt loved. I wasn't afraid anymore. I was well fed, and I had friends.

   I'm not sure why but whenever something good happens something bad has to happen to ruin it, to ruin me.   


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