What happens to a girl when her childhood is torn apart? Her parents divorced, nobody to trust, no one to talk to, and constant pain. Then she met him. Is she saved or is it too good to be true?


7. I don't care anymore

Marie's pov.

   I just turned 13. My dad got out of prison a few months after Kate's death. I live with my mom again. This time she is the abusive one, and my dad is still a drunk. Awesome right? 

   I'm in junior high now. I hate it. it's crowded and loud and stupid. I have some friends but I can't open up to them like I could Kate. I miss her. 

   I've decided to kill myself before I turn 20. I'm doing it because I have nothing to live for. In between now and when I'm 20 I'm making sire everyone hates me so when I go it wont hurt anyone els. I care about people, but I never get close. It's my rule. I have 4 Rules they are :

1.don't fall in love (most important rule), because its just a trap, set up for heart break

2. Don't stand out, blend in with everyone els and don't bring attention to myself

3. don't get close to anyone, getting close leads to emotion 

4. avoid emotion, with feelings come pain. 

   I don't just stay single my whole life. I date guys, but only the ones that I know I will get sick of. I now do just about anything with anyone. I let guys take advantage of me. I'm a whore. I deserve to die. 

   I dont try in school because whats the point when you're going to die when your 20 right? My teachers get on my ass all of the time, it's annoying. I wish they would shut up and leave me alone. 

   It was late on a friday night I was the only one awake. I'm a slut, I'm worthless, nobody loves me, nobody cares. I raised the blade and pressed it agenst my wrist I slid it across my skin, slitting open my wrist, blood oozing out. I'm a slut, I'm a horrible person. I just don't care anymore. I deserve this. 




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