What happens to a girl when her childhood is torn apart? Her parents divorced, nobody to trust, no one to talk to, and constant pain. Then she met him. Is she saved or is it too good to be true?


11. He saved me

Andy's pov.

   Marie is perfect. She is talented and beautiful we have so much in common. I can't stand not being with her. She means everything to me, she is worth anything and everything. When she is sad i would just walk to her house just to be with her even if that will only help a little. I don't know why she means this much. When we fight I always let her  win because i cant stand seeing her anything but happy. I can't explain how much I always want to be with her or how much I love her. she makes my day go by. I want to be with her forever. I want to marry her and have cute little kids and a big house. I want to be with her all of the time and kiss her and hug her and fall asleep watching movies with her in my arms. I'm always nervous to kiss her because i want every kiss to be perfect. Sparks fly when we kiss, and I feel like we're the only two people on the world when we kiss. When we kiss I fall in love all over again. I didn't expect to ever fall in love with her but i did, and I'm glad i did. I love you Marie. 

Maries pov.

    Andy is perfect. We're in love, I've decided that I want to marry him. I cant marry someone when I'm dead. He helped me. He saved me. He is my kea to survival. He is my hero. He showed me how to live. I would give up anything to be with him every day.Every time we talk I never want to stop talking if we don't talk for like 3 seconds my heart literally starts to hurt. Whenever we hang out I get really nervous, then I see him and my heart starts to race and I get butterflies. I'm nervous whenever I talk to him because I don't want him to think I'm a weirdo. I love hugging him It's the best thing in the world I could hug him for hours if I could. He is my escape from the world. He gives me butterflies like no other. I've never like anyone as much as I've liked him. I've never seen a smile that could light up a room like his, It's simply radiant, I would do anything to see his amazing smile.  He takes my breath away. He is my everything. I would share the air I breathe just so I don't miss anything he does, when he smiles, laughs, cries, breathes. I still want to die, but I want to die old, with a ring on my finger, and married to him, to Andy. I love you Andy. 


   3/18/13 Marie and Andy are still together and Madly in love. Nothing can come in between them they're unstoppable, completely compatible, they can concur anything. All of their friends say that they're the cutest couple. Looking into each other's eyes is better than looking to the night sky. Their love is a fairy tail, but the fairy tail hasn't ended.  Marie still cuts herself and has started taking pills occasionally, but Andy is helping her. He is saving her. 

 <3 ~*The end*~ <3



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