What happens to a girl when her childhood is torn apart? Her parents divorced, nobody to trust, no one to talk to, and constant pain. Then she met him. Is she saved or is it too good to be true?


12. Downhill

                    The summer they spent together was amazing, but at soon as school started everything went downhill. Marie started handing out with her old friends, Anna and Maddy, Andy started hanging out with a girl named Harmony that went to his school. Harmony told Marie that Andy wanted to be with her and that he loved her, Marie never knew if she was lying or not. Marie's friends would always make up lies so Andy and Marie would fight because they were jealous of their relationship. Between the fighting and school stress, the decided to end it on December 29th 2013.

                     On January 4th, Andy's Birthday, Anna and Maddy knew that he wasnt doing anything so they invited him to the mall because they knew that Marie was going to be there with her friend Katie. Marie and Andy saw each other and their heats sunk. It hurt to see each other, they tried not to stare. After the mall Anna and Maddy invited Andy to go to Anna's house, whan Andy was about to leave he kissed Maddy, for the second time that day. 

Marie's pov

                 So I found out about Maddy and Andy's kiss, kisses.  Maddy called me telling me anout it like she had liked him forever and i was just going to giggle with her like i would with any other guy that she liked, I didn't I told her that i didnt want to be friends with her anymore and she got angry. I can't believe they would do that to me, I can't believe Andy would do that to me, kiss my best friend, why? I'm mad, sad, confused, and betrayed,



              Marie started hanging out by herself at lunch because she didnt have many friends now that she stopped being friends with Anna and Maddy. They would walk past her and yell "whore" or "slut" and talk about Andy, they would text her and tell her that she should kill herself and that Andy hated her and never liked their relationship. Maddy asked Andy to the Valentines day dance and he said yes. Marie didn't know what to do, she couldn't ignore it. Maddy and Anna were just rubbing it in that they won.                                

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