Never Thought I Would Meet Him (Harry Styles fanfic)

Lily got sent off to private school by her devil step father and her not so supportive mother. She has started private school in Holmes Chapel, and one day she was walking to a park she found one day after school, and on her way there she ran into none other than, Harry Styles and Gemma, she knew Gemma from one of her school friends but she never met harry and well of course she knew he was I mean who wouldn't know who HARRY STYLES WAS??....... Wanna know more? I just guess you'll have to read and find out!


26. now the questions begin from a 10 year old who knew?

I was giving Kiki a piggy back ride out to the car across the street we couldn't risk having the car ambushed by fans at the school, because if I remembered correctly almost the whole school is full of directioners. we got to the light to cross when Kiki told me she wanted down so I bent down to let her off of my shoulders, that's when Liam came up behind her and picked her up and tossed her up into the air and harry came behind him and grabbed Kiki from the air and put her on his shoulders, then the light turned green for us to walk and so we waked across the street we were walking down the street about to get to the car when Kiki said she wanted to walk home so I looked at the boys and they said they would walk to its only a couple of blocks from the school. we told the diver just to go home we'll call paul and tell him were walking home, the driver said okay and drove off. Kiki and I were talking when Liam started singing thrift shop so me and Kiki stopped talking and hummed along, then Kiki started to sing with him then it ended up being everybody singing walking down the street. we got stopped by two teens and told us we all sounded good, we said thanks and then we kept on walking. everything went silence and then Kiki broke it by asking all these questions like: When did you meet One Direction? how did u meet them? do you really love harry? harry do you love Lilly? dose he treat you like a princess? outta everybody in the group who is you best friend, brother, secret keeper? before she could ask any more I stopped her and was like Kiki let me answer you questions right now: I meet one direction my second week of high school but I met harry the first day of school, I met them through harry but I met harry through Gemma his sister, yes Kiki I love harry, he treats me like a queen, out of the group there all my best friends, brothers, and there all my secret keepers. I cant just pick a single person. then harry said Kiki yes I love Lilly, I love everything about her the way she smiles, the way she says my name, the way she is around kids, the way she treats the boys, and how she isn't afraid to be her self around anybody new or close friends. just then Kiki hugged harry and said thank you harry for treating Lilly so right, she has never been treated right after her dad passed away. harry hugged her back and she he will always treat me right forever and always, then we got into a giant group hug on the side of the street, we got many cars to stop and ask if we were okay we broke off the hug and said yes we are sorry and kept walking.

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