Never Thought I Would Meet Him (Harry Styles fanfic)

Lily got sent off to private school by her devil step father and her not so supportive mother. She has started private school in Holmes Chapel, and one day she was walking to a park she found one day after school, and on her way there she ran into none other than, Harry Styles and Gemma, she knew Gemma from one of her school friends but she never met harry and well of course she knew he was I mean who wouldn't know who HARRY STYLES WAS??....... Wanna know more? I just guess you'll have to read and find out!


3. New school ,New life, New firends


Jacob, Lilly, my mom and I are in the car driving across town to take Lily to her new school, her new life, and her soon to be new friends. My mother and I are sitting up front, while Lilly and Jacob sit in the back seat. The music's turned down lower then normal, which means my mother or Jacob wants to speak, out of no where my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the same school as Lily starting next week. Lily and I both looked at each other with say-what-faces. Lily mouthed to me to say yes! My mom was getting very inpatient waiting for an answer.

"Yes please, Mommy" I said batting my eyelashes.

"No need to suck up, Jojo. It's already paid for, so even if you said no, you would still go, no matter what" Lily and I both started freaking as soon as we turned the corner. We were right in front of Lilly and my new home for the next four years.


We got out of the car and walked up to the huge wooden doors with a paper sign saying "for a list of your dorm rooms and classes then go to the café to the right of the main office", the doors took both of jojo's and my strength just to open the door. when we walked into the main hall Jacob jumped into my arms while I was walking down the halls looking at all the pictures of the presidents and the teachers here, Jacob pointed out a young looking teacher with the name of Jaden k jones the second under the picture, I was staring at it for a minuet thinking about the name I've heard it before when I was little, my father and I were at the park we were talking about the family and he said he has three brothers Jaden, Josh, and Kevin, I asked him why I have never seen or met the all he said was they haven't talked since there mom passed away. jojo walked up to me and Jacob and asked if I was okay I was still in a daze until Jacob started poking my cheek as soon I snapped outta my daze I told her yeah ill tell her later about it, her mom walked up to me and said we better go find the café so we can find what dorm im in and the classes ill be taking this year.





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