Never Thought I Would Meet Him (Harry Styles fanfic)

Lily got sent off to private school by her devil step father and her not so supportive mother. She has started private school in Holmes Chapel, and one day she was walking to a park she found one day after school, and on her way there she ran into none other than, Harry Styles and Gemma, she knew Gemma from one of her school friends but she never met harry and well of course she knew he was I mean who wouldn't know who HARRY STYLES WAS??....... Wanna know more? I just guess you'll have to read and find out!


6. getting ready for dinner with the styles

after class I raced out the door almost knocking a few people over, I was just so excited to go out to dinner with the styles this will be the first time im eating real food, for the last week I've been eating top ramen because I haven't been going out as much because Gemma and I are busy with school work and jojo is with her new "GUY FRIEND" I only put in quotations because soon there going to be a couple everybody can see it. I just unlocked my door to my giant dorm room that I share with Gemma, this is the biggest room I have ever had well besides the one I have a jojo's grandmas house. before I go get ready for dinner I have to shower, I ran to the bathroom and turned on the water, then I ran to my bedroom/living room but just before I was able to strip down to my towel someone knocked on my door so I got into my workout bra and shorts and ran to get the door, when I opened it I couldn't believe who I saw harry I thought to myself he is kind of early.

                                                              ***Harry's pov***

Lilly answered the door with just a work out bra and jean shorts on, she looked so hot in that outfit she looked so magnificent with sweat droplets all over her chest and her stomach, before I could say anything she invited me in. we walked into her living room, she said she was going to hop into the shower super quick and then she'll be ready she also told me to stay here and make myself at home and she'll be out in like half an hour.

                                                            ***Lilly's pov***

as I left the room I could feel harry eyeing me up and down. as I turned the corner I just had to be a clutz and trip over the carpet, before I could get up and wash up my knee cause I skinned  it harry ran around the corner and help me up, harry carried me to the bathroom and set me up on the counter, he grabbed out a wash cloth and got it wet with warm water and cleaned up the blood off my leg, as he was washing up my knee I asked him "why he was here so early" harry said "well Lilly I really wanted to talk to you about something before we go out to dinner" me: "and harry that thing is?" harry: " well Lilly ever since I met you I couldn't stop thinking about you, and it being awhile of us being friends.... I was wondering how you felt about me?" me: "harry what are you trying to get at?" harry: " okay Lilly im going to just come out with it...... I like you more then friends..." me: "harry I like you to... I mean more then friends to" harry: "really?!?" me: "yes harry I've liked you since that one night we played twenty one questions" harry: "well then lilly would you do me the honor and be my girlfriend?" me: " harry I would love to be your girlfriend, right now I would kiss you but I really need to shower or we are going to be late for dinner with Gemma and your mum" (harry gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and walks out of the room)                                       ***20 minuets later***                                                           

I walked out of the shower wrapped up in a towel and walked out to the hallway just before the living room/bedroom and looked around the corner to see harry laying on the bed watching TV, I told him to cover his eyes so he couldn't see me almost naked as soon as he did I ran to my dressers and got out this cute hi low black shirt with a silver sparkly top and silver high heels. after I grabbed what I needed I went to the bathroom to finish getting ready I put on lite makeup a gold bracelet that said love with my birth gem in it and a black wing necklace with my dads date he passed in it and little diamonds in the wings. after I was done getting ready I walked out to see Gemma and harry sitting on my bed talking I didn't realize Gemma got there, when harry noticed me he did the dog whistle at me when he did that Gemma hit his arm and told him not to be perverted tonight.

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