Never Thought I Would Meet Him (Harry Styles fanfic)

Lily got sent off to private school by her devil step father and her not so supportive mother. She has started private school in Holmes Chapel, and one day she was walking to a park she found one day after school, and on her way there she ran into none other than, Harry Styles and Gemma, she knew Gemma from one of her school friends but she never met harry and well of course she knew he was I mean who wouldn't know who HARRY STYLES WAS??....... Wanna know more? I just guess you'll have to read and find out!


9. dinner with harry and his family

after Gemma said she was hungry we walked in and got greeted by the smell of wonderful food and talk through out the place. the lady standing there at a table asked us how many tonight? A: "we have a table for Ann Styles, the owner should of set it up this morning." L: "oh yes right here a table for four, now would you like any children's  play mats tonight?" A: "yes can I have three please?" L: "yes, now this young man will show you to your seats and be your waiter today." when the lady said that tis young boy maybe my age a year older with dirty blond flippy skater hair when he walked out I could notice he had a surfers body through his black long sleeve shirt. when he started to lead us to our seats Gemma and I were talking about how cute he looked I was about to whisper to Gemma that I would bang him but harry wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear "is he better then me?'  that's when I said to him back and said "harry, yes he is good looking but truly he looks like he would do a hit and run" harry kissed my check then said "lilly ii would never do a hit and run" just before I could respond we were at out table. the table was set up with a normal table with two bar stools on the outside then a booth seat for the other two, so Ann and Gemma took the stools and let harry and I sit on the booth. I was having trouble getting into the booth due to how high it was, so harry came and picked me up and set me down on it when he did I was surprised when he did that, after he did that he went around the table and sat down himself. after harry sat down our waiter gave us our menus and said " ill be back in a moment to get drinks and orders" we all said thank you and began to look for food and drinks, within ten minuets harry and Gemma both said they knew what they wanted so I asked harry what's good here he scooted closer to me and put the menu in front of me and him so you couldn't see our faces. he first asked me what I like to eat so I told him salad sometimes steak so he pointed out that the steak salad is like to die for, I told him I would just take that and what's really good to drink here? he said that the lemonade is really good. when I got done with my order Ann and Gemma were done picking what they wanted to eat as soon I put my menu down the waiter came over again to get our orders. he started with Gemma then Ann when he got to harry and I he sounded harsh towards harry and I, after he took our orders and walked off to go get our drinks, Ann finally spoke up outta the whole time at the table and asked "Harry can I ask you a question?" H: "yes mom?" A: "are you and lilly a couple now, or are you being a complete flirt to get her t like you?" as soon as she said that I began to blush like crazy so Ann said I take that as you guys are together? H: "mom don't be made but yes we are a couple, I asked her out today and she said yes, Gemma already knew about it but we were waiting for the right time to tell you, we were going to tell you after dinner but I guess you found out now." A: "harry im not mad im glad you finally asked her out and she said yes. and lilly don't be embarrassed about it its cute how he kept it a secret" before harry could respond the waiter came with our drinks and food.

                                                                                                    ***after eating***

while we eat there was small talk and lots of silence, when we all finished dinner harry had his hand on my thigh and kept moving it slowly up my thigh finally when he got it under my skirt I smacked his hand away thank god Gemma or Ann didn't see. soon after that the waiter came with our check and then walked away. harry was first to take the check then Gemma and Ann told him to hand it over, right before Gemma could get it harry jumped off his seat and ran to go pay. Ann, Gemma, and I ran after him, when we finally go to him dinner was payed for and he told  us we can pay for desert. all in sync Gemma Ann and I all slapped harrys arm and told him nope he can he's the one who is all high and mighty. he just laughed and held the door open for Ann, then Gemma and finally me after I walked past him he wrapped his arms around me then rested his head on top of mine.

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