Life Through The Eyes Of Poems

Life can be carefree, or destructive,
or just plain boring.

But what is life really like...
when it's told through a poem?


3. Deepavali - the Festival of Lights

Yellow sun shines in my eyes,

I wake up; it’s a beautiful day.

The day has finally arrived,

Deepavali; the festival of lights.


Smells of succulent, delightful dishes,

Swift and sweet in the mild air,

Drift to my nose, holding so close,

Wanting to stay but having to go.


I rush downstairs, eager out of bed,

Hoping to see what I’ve craved for so long;

My mother cooking and food-tasting,

Getting ready for this year’s feast!


I creep into the kitchen,

And wow! What a sight -

Packed with curries and sweets,

Waiting to be eaten tonight.


I join mum as she stirs thick dhal,

As she adds a teaspoon of masala and more,

I stand by her, gazing,

Her hands move magically, gracefully.


Sadly, the moment couldn’t last forever,

Soon it is time to get dressed,

To pack them in aluminium boxes,

I wait - patiently- eyeing for my favourite treats.


We wait for our brothers to come,

To dine with us like every year,

Baring gifts and delicacies to share,

Not a year I can remember without sweets.


Until next year, my friends,

Will we ever meet again,

To enjoy each other’s company,

To join together as one.


----------AUTHOR'S NOTE----------

I would just like to give credit and thanks to my friends, Shanne and Nikita who helped me put this poem together, and I like this A LOT! So...ya! Hope you enjoyed reading this - the poem, I mean, not the "Author's Note" - and hope you will enjoy the next, and the next, and the next...



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