Not who you think

Aubrey was a normal child until she turned ten. Men came into her home and took her. They took her to a school... a school for killers. Now she is the most deadly person alive, she is on Russia's, and China's most wanted list. She it famous throughout the spy network and one moment she is about to get caught and the next she is off the grid. Ever since she went under ground she has now taken up the name Camille Rosalie Edwards. What happens when Camille comes across a old friend from the school, will her past find her or will she go looking for it?


1. Train

Aubrey's POV

1 yrs ago

"Now Aubrey fight me." My professor said. I had to beat him to graduate... And I was going to graduate. The bell rung and he threw the first punch. It hit my stomach, as it made contact I grabbed his wrist and twisted it while jumping over his shoulder. Thats when I heard it the snap of his bone. I threw my foot out and made contact to his back sending him flying forward to the ground. Thats when the bell rung again. The fight was over. I walked up to the poduim and read my credentials;

Aubrey Brown

Class THK(Trained Hired Kill)

Countries; USA, Canada, England

I had done it. I had graduated but now I worked for the top agencies. I grabbed what I needed and left.

Present Day

I had done it! I killed the Russian abassador in China and still managed to get away. I was now in England, when I got the call from my boss.

"Eh M whats up?" I asked into the phone.

" Aubrey run. Run now the Russians know who you are they are coming. Take up a new identity. There is a boy in England he knows who you are he is part of the agency. Find him. He is your only hope. There it 1 million dollars in an off shore account. I will contact you Good luck Aubrey." M said before hanging up. What did I do wrong? Who did I trust? Tears started to flow down my cheeks. I was so scared what next who is after me? Questions kept pounding on my brain like a fist on a door to a empty house they both were left unanswered. I ran to a hotel and checked in for the night under the name of Camille Rosalie Edwards. Tomorrow I would go to the train station and pick up everything that I would need. I went from being run from to being the one running. In a matter of moments. I am the best of the best I will not fail.

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