Not who you think

Aubrey was a normal child until she turned ten. Men came into her home and took her. They took her to a school... a school for killers. Now she is the most deadly person alive, she is on Russia's, and China's most wanted list. She it famous throughout the spy network and one moment she is about to get caught and the next she is off the grid. Ever since she went under ground she has now taken up the name Camille Rosalie Edwards. What happens when Camille comes across a old friend from the school, will her past find her or will she go looking for it?


5. It's okay

Liam's POV
I walked into the safe house in Bradford and went straight to the couch. After a few minutes I fell asleep. 

I was sitting in a room now. Alone and tied to a chair. 

Soon enough someone came in with another chair. It had Zayn in it.

He looked like he had just been hit by a train. The man put Zayn right in front of me.

"I'm sorry Liam." He said before I felt a barrel of a gun being pressed against my head.

Tears flowed from my eyes. Then a loud bang followed by nothing. Just darkness.

I awoke in a sweat. I sat up from the couch and ran my fingers through my hair. It was so possible, it felt so real as if that did happen. A deep sob rose throughout my body and escaped my mouth. I looked at the time 2:30 AM. I knew none of the boys would be awake so I let myself cry. Thats when I felt a hand start to rub circles on my back in an attempt to comfort me. Soon I lent against them and cried into their shoulder.

"Shhh... Its okay." The voice was female, then I realized it was the voice of Aubrey. She was comforting me... When not even 12 hours ago she threatened to dissect me. It was strange but it didn't stop my tears. 

"Aubrey... don't tell anyone...please.." I whimpered. She pulled me into her arms and started to gently rock me. 

"Why?" She asked concerned.

"Because I'm weak." I confessed. She looked at me her eyes were now a vivid green. 

"You are not weak. Anyone who could stand up to me is strong trust me. Middle age men who lead some of the most dangerous gangs weep out of fear in my presence  You stood there and didn't move even when I put the knife to your cheek. Liam right now you are scared and that's okay. I'm scared too. For God's sake Zayn right now is in his room crying because he is scared too, he know that you guys a terrified and now that you guys know about us you are targets to." She told me. Her voice seemed to calm me down. She told me to get up and go to bed.


Aubrey's POV


I felt really bad for Liam. He was a grown man reduced to a boy. A terrified boy, it made me think of a case that I had where I had to rescue a kid. Liam made me feel as if I needed to protect him. I calmed him down then sent him off to bed. I walked up the stairs to see Zayn's door open a bit. Thats when I heard glass shatter in it. I ran in to see Zayn throwing things in frustration. I quickly took the glock off his desk and unloaded it then ran to Zayn.

"Go." He spat.

"Why?" I asked. " Is it cause you don't want anyone to see you like this. For anyone to see you are scared th-" I was cut off by a slap to the face.

"I will never be scared it is weak. I am not weak. And don't ever think that I am, the boy can handle themselves I don't care." He said coldly. I walked up to him and knocked him to the ground and stratled him then pinned his hands above his head.

" God DAMMIT ZAYN!" I yelled he squirmed under me but he was going to listen. "You love these boys. Even a blind man could see it. Liam was reduced to sobs and tears not even 10 minutes ago did I get him to calm down. Zayn face it face the fucking truth these boys are in more danger than we are. They aren't target they are pawns. I anyone gets a hold of them they have you and I wrapped around their fingers. Its okay to be afraid I am too." I let his hands go. He had stopped crying by now. He then reached up and cupped my face bringing it down to his he flipped us around and pressed his lips gently against mine. Sparks flew... Oh shit I was falling for him... wait no I fell for him. Zayn was now a pawn... and he doesn't even know it. 













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