Not who you think

Aubrey was a normal child until she turned ten. Men came into her home and took her. They took her to a school... a school for killers. Now she is the most deadly person alive, she is on Russia's, and China's most wanted list. She it famous throughout the spy network and one moment she is about to get caught and the next she is off the grid. Ever since she went under ground she has now taken up the name Camille Rosalie Edwards. What happens when Camille comes across a old friend from the school, will her past find her or will she go looking for it?


7. Into the cage.

Some guy threw me back into the cage with Liam. He was now awake. His eyes were red and puffy. I walked over to him and made him stand up. I pulled him into a hug. 

"I killed a boy. He was only a year or two younger than me........." He silently sobbed. 

" I know Li...I know. Now listen to me you are strong enough to snap someones neck... thats how you WILL kill your opponent." I breathed sharply. I hated having to teach him how to not care, how to block out all the emotion, how to efficiently kill someone. I killed me inside, he was like a teddy bear cute gentle and innocent. Now he was going to need to be a tiger, stronger vicious fast and worst of all a killer. I taught him how to dislocate a persons shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip. I taught how to paralyze a person and to break their necks. I told him about Zayn coming for us at our next fight and to be prepared to shoot or stab someone. 

"Cam... I can't..." He whispered. I told him he had to. 

~~~Skip to next fight~~~

This time 4 guys came in and two grabbed Liam and two grabbed me. We knew what this meant. We had to fight each other. I got to my corner and looked at Liam with tears in my eyes. He had a few running down his cheek. We looked into the crowd the first face I saw was Zayn. He finally knew what mess we were in. He looked at me and signaled me to stall. The bell rung and Liam and I walked up to each other. He fell to his knees tears now streaming out of his eyes.

"Cam... do it... get out of here... be safe..."He cried. He wanted me to end his life right then and there. I wasn't going to do it.

" YOU IDIOT! GET UP! STOP BEING A PUSSY!" I screamed at him. He just stayed where he was. Two men came up and pulled him to his feet. He wouldn't move so they pulled a gun. Zayn went to grab his but I gave him a look that said no. They directed it in my direction.

"Fight her or we will shoot her." He said. Liam walked up to me. He pushed me back. I stumbled backwards. He came up to me and went to hit my stomach then did a quick right hook. His fist made contact with my jaw sending me flying. He started to cry, that's when Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Niall all pulled their guns and walked down to the ring. 

"Listen up!" Zayn screamed. Everyone looked at him shocked. "We don't want any trouble we just want them. Let us take them and we will leave." Liam helped me stand up. I soon felt a cold barrel of a gun being pushed against my head. Urging me to go into the center. Zayn let out a laugh. " I wouldn't do that mate." Louis said. Harry had his normal cheeky smile on his face. I turned around so the barrel was right in between my eyes. 

"He's right. You pissed off the wrong girl." I said before breaking his wrist. Gun went off and the bullet hit my arm. " YOU FUCKING SHOT ME YOU CUNT! NOW I'M PISSED OFF!" I screamed before turning the gun on him. I shot his leg right up but the hip. I knew that I hit the artery because of the way the blood was flowing out. I shot at least 4 other guys before running out of bullets. "Harry my gun please." He tossed me my M16. More men ran into the room with guns but as they came in we shot them. Within 15 minutes we had won our little gun war. Zayn came up to me and grabbed a hold of my waist and kissed me neck.

"God... A... You know seeing you use the big guns... makes me wonder if you can handle my gun.." He whispered seductively into my ear. I chuckled.

"Zayn... we both know I can handle your gun better than anyone even you." I replied  He laughed into my neck sending vibrations through me. Liam came over and pulled me away.

"Hands of my sister Zayn." He said in a sassy tone. I giggled and Zayn laughed. Everyone seemed to be taking the fact that the 6 of us just shot and killed at least 40 men pretty well.

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