Not who you think

Aubrey was a normal child until she turned ten. Men came into her home and took her. They took her to a school... a school for killers. Now she is the most deadly person alive, she is on Russia's, and China's most wanted list. She it famous throughout the spy network and one moment she is about to get caught and the next she is off the grid. Ever since she went under ground she has now taken up the name Camille Rosalie Edwards. What happens when Camille comes across a old friend from the school, will her past find her or will she go looking for it?


2. Found you

I got what I needed from the locker and I started to walk. I got into one of the train cars and sat down in my seat. Next thing I knew I was sitting next to a very familiar boy.

"Hello." He said. His Bradford accent filled my ears.

"Hi." I replied.

"Names Zayn." He said with a warm smile. He extended his hand and I gladly shook it.

"Camille but you can call me Cam." I said returning the smile. I sat next to the alsie and the next thing I knew a drunk man started to put his hands all over me. "Sir please do back off." I said in a warningly tone. He didn't so I got up and he tried to grab my ass. I grabbed his hand and flipped him on his ass." Touch me again and I will slit your worthless body open." And with that I let go of his hand. I  sat back down to a very shocked Zayn. 

"Aubrey?" He asked. Shocked about what he said I drew my Glock 19 with 9mm rounds. As I did he drew his own. Then it hit me the guy who I was pointing a gun at was the top of the males in his class at the school. 

"Zayn... What are you doing here?" I  spat at him.

"I should ask you the same Camille." He said with no emotion. Just then four boys stumbled onto the car.

"What the fuck Zayn?" The blonde one asked.

"Since when have you owned a gun?" The curly haired one asked. The came a boy who had short buzzed hair.

" Zayn. You know this is bad." He said I instantly drew my other gun and pointed it at him. 

"Who are you?" I asked. "And Zayn don't event think about shooting we both know that I can let out a few rounds here and there before you can release the trigger." Zayn looked shocked then he realized that I was right.

"I'm Liam. And I know what you and Zayn are." Liam said. Then the train started to move. 

"I'm Harry, and this is Niall and Louis." the curly haired one added. I told them all to sit before I walked up to Liam.


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