Not who you think

Aubrey was a normal child until she turned ten. Men came into her home and took her. They took her to a school... a school for killers. Now she is the most deadly person alive, she is on Russia's, and China's most wanted list. She it famous throughout the spy network and one moment she is about to get caught and the next she is off the grid. Ever since she went under ground she has now taken up the name Camille Rosalie Edwards. What happens when Camille comes across a old friend from the school, will her past find her or will she go looking for it?


6. Fight

I got up in the morning. The spot in Zayns bed where he slept was still warm. I went down stairs to see Zayn and the boys standing in the living room. Zayn was placing guns on the table and teaching them. I saw my favourite gun.. the M16 Carbon. I squealed with joy and grabbed it from the table.

"Pay up boys!" Zayn said they all handed him 10£. I gave them a confused look. " I said that the M16 was your favourite but they thought you would have prefered the M-4 Carbine. So we put money on it." I smiled and sat down with the gun on my lap. 

"Yay. So all of you are going to get Glock 19 with 9mm rounds. Okay? And I need to go buy some stuff who will come with me?" I asked Liams hand immediatly shot up. I smiled a grabbed the cash out of Zayns hand. "Sorry but I'm too lazy to go upstairs and get mine. Come on Li." I said pulling Liam off the couch. We stepped out and started to walk towards the store.

"Aub- Cam I just want to say thank you... for last night it meant a lot. And I know you like Zayn so don't worry I'm not crushing on you, you're like a sister to me." He said with a warm smile. He was so nice. I hugged him and whispered no problem. Then we continued to walk. "Cam I was wondering since you are wearing a dress do you have a gun or anything?"

"Oh Li... Sweet. Sweet Liam. Of course I do. Come here." I said pulling him into an alley." Feel here and here and here." I gave him a cheeky smirk he soon placed his hands where I told him to. He soon felt my gun, and two knives. 

"If Zayn saw this he would probably gut me like a fish." Liam laughed and so did I. We went to leave the alley when we were pulled back. Someone grabbed me and another person clorafoamed me. The last thing I saw was a blurry Liam screaming my name. 

I woke up in some sort of cage thing next to Liam. He was sitting there staring intently at me. Until he realized that I was awake.

"Cam... are you okay?" He asked already knowing what I would say. I just nodded and crawled over to him. He wrapped his arm around me and held me close. I soon fell asleep in his arms. 

I was woken up to the sound of shouting and crying. My eyes shot open and I saw Liam no longer next to me. "LIAM!" I screamed. Terror washed through my body. The the door opened and a man stepped in.

"Welcome to the fight. You will fight... others and you will kill them with your bare hands or be killed. Now you must call one person for you and the boy." He tossed me a burner phone with a address on it. I knew only one person who could pull this off... Zayn. I dialed his number and it rung twice before someone picked up.

" Hello?" Zayns voice sounded rough and dry from crying.

"Zayn... I need you." I said quietly.

"Aubrey what do you need where are you are you okay?" He was fireing questions off at 100 mph. I didn't answer any of the and gave him the address and time. As I hung up, Liam was pushed into the room. He had blood pouring out of his nose. He was covered in cuts and brusies to add to it he was missing his shirt. I jumped up and caught him as he fell. He was exausted I managed to stop the bleeding... but I knew that he just killed someone. A tear ran down my cheek... they ruined his innocence or what was left of it. If it was the last thing I was to do I  was going to kill them. Liam was trying to stay wake but sleep slowly took over his body. Thats when a man walked in with a sports bra and spandex then told me to change. I did then he dragged me out to a ring.

Am man stood across from me. 

"What a girl? Is this a joke? Well i'm gonna win!" He screamed the crowd cheered. He ran at me and I ducked under his legs and hoped on his back. I placed my hands on the back of his head and chin then snapped it. Everyone fell silent as his body dropped with me on top. I stood up and the crowd cheered. 




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