For The Better.

We're like like fire and ice. I'm usually too much to handle and your not prepared for that, you never were. You want to me change for the better. Maybe it's not the better, maybe it's the worst. I gave my heart to you but you refused it, because everything good seems to be painted grey. I want to change, but I don't think I can. Niall James Horan. Help me. Without you..... I'm lost. (+14)


11. HELP

Ok so I ended up getting writers block, really bad and gave up on this.


I'm thinking bout continuing this story but I need to know who all wants it up! If so happen to have an idea where this story should go then comment you're lovely ideas. I'm welcome to any suggestions so please just comment.


I also want to start a new story but its undecided, not to get anyone's hopes up but if you want me to write a specific story than that needs to written to me(don't comment that on my story), you can also email me any ideas because I know a lot of you have potential.

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