For The Better.

We're like like fire and ice. I'm usually too much to handle and your not prepared for that, you never were. You want to me change for the better. Maybe it's not the better, maybe it's the worst. I gave my heart to you but you refused it, because everything good seems to be painted grey. I want to change, but I don't think I can. Niall James Horan. Help me. Without you..... I'm lost. (+14)


10. Chapter-7part2

 "If you would hold still it probably wouldn't sting." I mumbled and dabbed another bloody cut on Niall's face.

 Lucy found us on our way home, I almost forgot about her after everything that happened. Niall told me that Zayn sent her away so he could speak to Niall privately.

 We both snuck into Niall's house, not that it was hard to get in. I pulled Niall into the bathroom and told him to sit still but he won't listen.

 "I was thinking that- ow! Since I'm going to be- ow! Alright, I think we need to stop hanging out!" He managed to blurt out before he whined in pain.

 I stopped cleaning his cuts and looked at him with hurt. He doesn't want to hang out anymore?

 "And your reason for this is?" threw the bloody cloth on the counter and moved away from him

 He sighed and pushed himself off the counter and grabbed my hands, pulling me closer.

 "Cali... I don't want to do this to you, but Zayn wants you so that means we can't hang out anymore."

 My eyes burned, tears threatening to fall as I spoke, "But I love you Niall."

 He rested his forehead against mine, hugging me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his neck as tears streamed down my face.

 Niall looked me in the eyes and stared whipping my tears. Our faces were only inches away,  I decided to close the space by connecting our lips.

He moved his hands to cup my face keeping our lips firmly connected. Our lips moved in sync with, making my heart race.

 Niall pulled away and stroked my cheek with a grin, "I've been waiting to do that."

 I giggled and connected our lips once again.


   "Hello?" I mumbled as I answered my phone.

 Me and Niall decided to keep our thing on the down low or else Zayn might flip. We're still going to hang out but just on weekends and during weekdays Lucy's tutoring me. 

 "Cali! I called you five times, why haven't you picked up?" Cathy's worried voice rang in my ear.

 I totally forgot she was expecting me home last night... Shit.

  "I'm a heavy sleeper." I grumbled and rolled over to look at Niall asleep.

 "Why aren't you home? I had reservation for us this morning."

 "Sorry. I passed out on Lucy's couch and she just didn't bother waking me up." I lied, chewing on my lip nervously.

 Cathy sighed loudly over the phone before speaking, "I guess we can rebook our reservation but don't let it happen again missy." She tried to sound serious but failed miserably.

  As soon as I got off the phone I thought it was best I got dressed and met up with Lucy.

"Oh your up?" Niall grinned and sat up.

 It's hard to not smile when I look at him, he's just so... Amazing.

 "Yeah, just thought id meet up with Lucy at Starbucks... If that's alright?"

 Niall gazed over my body as I got changed into a pair of shorts and his T-shirt.

 "Go right ahead, beautiful." He grinned wider and got up.

 As I pulled my curls into a messy bun I felt arms wrap around my waist.

 Yess!!!! Isn't this what people were waiting for?! Ahh! I'm happy it finally happened aren't you? I love you all and the comments make writing soo worth it! Hope you love it! At least 5 comments like last time if you want another chapter and also like and favourite!

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