For The Better.

We're like like fire and ice. I'm usually too much to handle and your not prepared for that, you never were. You want to me change for the better. Maybe it's not the better, maybe it's the worst. I gave my heart to you but you refused it, because everything good seems to be painted grey. I want to change, but I don't think I can. Niall James Horan. Help me. Without you..... I'm lost. (+14)


7. Chapter-5

"Niall! Where are you going?" I yelled as I ran after Niall.

 He had acted weird ever since that scene with Zayn.

 "Cali go to class." Niall mumbled and kept walking.

 "No. Tell me what's the problem."

 "This doesn't concern you." He groaned an let his head fall back.

 I stopped in my tracks, my jaw falling open.

 "Why do you have to be like that?" I asked, speaking slow.

 "I'm not being like anything. See you tomorrow." He looked back at me and gave me a quick nod before heading out the school doors.
 I let out a frustrated sigh and headed back to biology.

 "Your late Mrs.James." Mrs.Clark grumbled, crossing her arms.


 "Take a seat... We're just working on the sheet I gave you yesterday."

I nodded an took my seat beside the now missing Harry.


The rest of class was quiet. I had nobody and Niall won't text me.

 "Are you going to stare at that phone all night?"

 Cathy snapped her fingers in front of my face, making me look up at her. She laughed and ruffled my hair, clicking her heels down the hall.

 To California; I'm picking you up early tomorrow. Be ready. -Niall

 How can he do this. 'I'm picking you up, but I don't need an explanation.' Asshole.

 Niall waited patiently for my to get in the car. I didn't speak until he started driving.

 "You going to explain?" I sighed and fixed my shirt.

 He let his head fall back again, glancing in my direction.

 "I guess I should.... Not until tonight though alright?"

 I furrowed my eye brows and looked out the window, waiting for the school to come into view.


 Zayn didn't bother me at all in English, just looked at me with a cocky smirk. If I had a dime for every time I wanted to reach over and smack him.... I'd have a lot of money.

 "California, Harry. I'm adding Lucy to your group, she wasn't here when I assigned the groups." Mrs. Hefner smiled and waved over a petite brown haired girl.

 Harry groaned quietly and I kicked him under the table.

 "Watch it James." He growled and I rolled my eyes before turning my attention to the girl.

 "Ignore him. I'm Cali." I smiled and held out a hand.

 She quickly shook my hand, smiling nervously. I patted the seat beside me, indicating for her to sit.

 "Alright class. Today were going to have you pick your favourite song and explain why you like it... Keep in mind that there has to be a reason behind this."

 Lucy shifted uncomfortably in her seat while Harry looked at us.

 "Like I said before Curls. Do you want something?"

 Harry blinked a few times before answering.

 "I don't have a favourite song.... I like a lot of different ones." He sighed.

 "What about you Lucy?" 

 "I like Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran but i don't really have a reason.... It's just good."

 I nodded and leaned back in my chair. Lucy and Harry both gave me a waiting look.

 "My favourite song..... I don't really know. Stay by Rihanna?"

 Harry smirked and nodded, approving my response. Lucy also nodded slightly, looking at the desk in front of her.

 "Are you new here Cali?"

 "Yeah.. You didn't know?" I tilted my head to the side, confused.

 "Nope... I don't really notice a lot, but I'm also never here." Lucy sighed and rested her chin on the palm of her hand.

 "Yea because you had a kid..." Harry smirked.

 Lucy look at him with wide eyes.

 "That's just a rumour Styles." She hissed.

 "Oh really. Where have you been then?"

 Harry chuckled and I watched Lucy leave our group, making her way to another.

 "Why do you have to be an asshole?" 

 "Me?" Harry pointed to himself.


 "James. Why don't you go join baby momma over there? Niall's gonna forget to where a condom soon enough." Harry chuckled again and flicked his hair to the side.

 I got up and smacked him across the face, not feeling bad one bit. Everyone looked at me and in shock every Harry had a surprise look.

 "Is that all you got James? If not come back and give me round two." Harry yelled after me as I made my out of the classroom.

 I leaned against the wall, shaking in anger. Soon the classroom door opened and closed, I squeezed my eyes shut knowing the teacher would be out to see me.

 "Good job, should've hit him a little harder though." Lucy stood in front of me with a smile.

 "Maybe you should of hit him." I snapped.

 My anger rushing through my body from Harry's comment.

 "Woah. Chill out Cali." She stepped back a little, raising her hands innocently.

 "Sorry. Harry really got to me back there." I sighed and collapsed on the floor.

 "He can get to everybody, just like Zayn Malik," She sat in front of me "You know him?"

 "I wish I didn't." I frowned.

 She nodded in agreement and looked at her shoes. I watched her as she picked at a piece of grass stuck to the side of her shoe.

 "Is the rumour true?" I asked.

 "No. I just don't like coming to school ever since me and Zayn broke up." She explained and avoided eye contact.

  I coughed and looked at her in shock, my eyes wider than ever.

 "Yeah...." She looked at me.

 "Again. Sorry." I mumbled and looked down.

 "Don't worry about it. We broke up a year ago but we were really close even me and Harry were like brother and sister." She gave me a little smile.

 "Oh wow... I wouldn't have even guess."

 "It's old news. He dumped me after we had sex. That's when they started the rumour."

 "Baby Malik..." I said to myself.

 Lucy laughed a little and handed me a piece of paper.

 "Text me. I know you must be going to that party. We could get ready together or something."

 I took the paper and shoved it into my jean pocket, nodding.

 "Alright. Text you tomorrow with my address." I smiled and we both stood up.

 As if on cue, Niall ran down the hall towards us. He picked me up and spun me around once before setting me on my feet.


 "Hi." I breathed.

 Lucy giggled and mumbled a goodbye before walking down the hall.

 "You... You...." He stammered.

 "I, what?"

 He hugged me before answering.

 "Don't ever change." He smiled.

 "I wouldn't even if you asked." I laughed and grabbed his hand.

 We walked to the cafeteria and sat at an empty table, keeping our hands together.

 "James." I heard a familiar voice.

 "James isn't here right now, leave a message." I giggled and released Niall's hand.

 "Cute joke for a cute girl." Zayn winked.

 "That was the worst line yet... Mind giving me a better one?"

 Zayn set a  bag in front of me.

 "See you at the party James. You too Niall." He smirked and headed back to Harry.

 "You better work on those pick up lines Malik!" I yelled after him.

 When I turned back to Niall, he looked serious. Not angry but upset maybe?

 I sighed and opened the bag. There was a black lace dress neatly folded with a pair of white heels.

 "Oh wow..." I closed the bag quickly and looked up to see Niall standing.

 "Want to leave?"

 "What about my- "

 "I know. I don't want to miss class but I just don't wanna be here.." Niall frowned.

"Let's go then." I smiled and stood up, taking the bag with me.


I hope you like the new chapter!(: I am going to make sure I post once a week.

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