For The Better.

We're like like fire and ice. I'm usually too much to handle and your not prepared for that, you never were. You want to me change for the better. Maybe it's not the better, maybe it's the worst. I gave my heart to you but you refused it, because everything good seems to be painted grey. I want to change, but I don't think I can. Niall James Horan. Help me. Without you..... I'm lost. (+14)


6. Chapter-4

"How was your first day of school?" Cathy asked me.

 "Pretty good. I have Niall for most classes." I smiled and laid on the couch across from Cathy.

 "That's nice dear."

 "How was your night with Dan?"

 "What?" Cathy looked at my confused.

 "Last night... Weren't you with Dan?"

 "Oh. No I wasn't. I mean, I was with him for most of the day. I went to an old friends place after though." She explained.

 "Right. An "old friends".... Ok." I laughed a little and got up from the couch.

 "You little perv! It's not like that." Cathy giggled and hit me playfully.

 "Is it alright if Niall stops by for a bit?"

 "I guess but I'm probably going to be out for a bit." Cathy sighed.

 I nodded and went into my room.

To California; Let's get coffee before school tomorrow?(; -Zayn.

 What does this boy want from me? I can't keep playing his game.

 To Zayn; I think I'm busy. Sorry... -California.

 To California; Come on! My treat. -Zayn.

 I threw my phone on the bed and open a box that I hadn't unpacked yet. My phone went off a few time but I didn't bother to check them.

 "Cali?" Cathy called.


 "Niall's here."

 I put a few things away, waiting for him to come in. When he did and practically jumped in his arms. It felt nice to have someone who was ok with hanging out when I needed them.

 "I can't stay too long." Niall mumbled and gave me a tight squeeze.

 "That's alright." I smiled and kept my arms around him.

 "You ok?"

 I gave him a tight squeeze before letting him go and sitting on my bed.

 "I'm prefect."

 "That you are." He smiled and tapped my nose before sitting beside me.

 I giggled and fell back into the bed, along with him.

 "Thanks for staying the night last night."

 "Anything for you." Niall grinned.

 I felt my cheeks get hot and I'm pretty sure I was blushing. Niall played with my hair and I ended up moving so I was laying on his chest. 

 "Do you want a drive to school tomorrow?" Niall asked.

 "Actually... Someone's taking me out for coffee." I sighed and started tracing circles on Niall's chest.

 "Oh... Who?" I could feel him tense up under me but I ignored it.

 "Zayn. And I know yo-"

 "Wait. What?" Niall pushed me off him and sat up, looking into my eyes.

 "Niall.... I know he's a-"

 "He's an asshole! A cheater! A liar! Anything that's not nice, that's what he is!" His voice started to raise as he spoke.

 "Let me finish for god sake!" I shouted.

 Niall opened his mouth to say something but closed it.

 "I didn't say yes.... Yet. He just won't stop texting me." I sighed and sat up to look at Niall.

 It's true though. Even though he's a little too cocky for my liking I've always been into guys like him. It's my type but Niall can't know I'm actually interested in him.

  Niall frowned and picked up my phone, slipping it into his pocket.

 "What are you doing Niall?" I sighed.

 "I'll come tomorrow at 7. Be ready." He told me while picking up his clothes.

 "Niall..." I grumbled.

 He smirked and kissed my forehead before leaving.


 "Took you long enough." Niall teased and ruffled my hair.

 "Hey! First of all, It took time to do this. Don't mess it up. Second, where my baby?" I sighed and held out my hand.

 "You have a baby? Where?!" Niall chuckled, making me give him a death glare.

 "Alright alright." He mumbled and placed my phone gently in my hand.

 I looked through my many texts. All but one from Zayn. The one that wasn't Zayn was Harry. I smiled at his text.

 To California; Zayn is acting like a girl. Jesus. He won't stop asking if something's wrong with his hair or if he has bad breath. -Harry.

 Niall huffed and pulled me to the car with him. When I got in the car he stopped what he was doing and looked at me.

 "You look beautiful this morning." He grinned and started the car.

 "You said that yesterday too."

 "Is there a problem with giving you a complement?"

 "No but I haven't tried to look good."

 "That doesn't mean you don't look good." He sighed

 "That's a lie."

 "It not. Cali," He looked me in the eyes "You don't have to try and look good. Your beautiful no matter what."

 I blushed like mad and looked away. Was I embarrassed? No way, I couldn't be. This was the sweetest thing a guy said to me.


 Zayn wasn't in English this morning so Niall sat with me. We didn't talk much but whenever we looked at each other we made faces.

 "Class. Quiet down now." My music teacher spoke sternly. She didn't talk  at all yesterday, just sat behind her desk relaxing.

 "For the rest of the semester I'm putting you in groups."

 "Joy." I heard Niall murmur under his breath.

 I heard a few groans and some whispering went around. Soon enough the teacher listed off names. I felt was nervous, I don't really see why but being in a group of 4 for the rest of the semester is going to be tough.

 I waited for my name to be called. Everyone else had been called except for me and a couple other people, even Niall got placed in a group with a few girls .

 "Tory, I'm going to set you in Niall and Ally's group." Mrs.Hefner smiled.

 Niall gave me a sympathetic look and turned back to the group of bimbos he got placed with.

 "Harry and uhh... California. I guess your the only two left. You two can work as a group, can't you?"

 Harry gave me a long stare before looking back to Mrs.Hefner and giving her a quick nod.

 "Then that settles it. Talk amongst your groups and get to know one another, a project is being assigned tomorrow."

 Harry swiftly gathered his books and plopped himself across from me. I was astonished I was partners with him, we already sit with each other in biology. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my pocket.

 To California; Sorry I can't be your partner! If it makes you feel any better my partners suck.xx -Niall

 I smiled and looked over to Niall who was already making silly faces at me. We exchanged a few more glances before I heard Harry clear his throat.

 "Are you wanting something curly?" I smirked and put my phone back in my pocket.

 "You and Niall-"

 "Ugh. We're not dating. Why do people keep saying that?" I groaned and put my head in my hand.

 "Oh come on. It's cute how you two are." He chuckled and leaned back in his chair.

 Harry acted like a mix of Niall and Zayn. Not as sweet as Niall of course... The only bad thing about Zayn is the exact same as Harry, they are quiet and very awkward. 

 "Aren't we suppose to be getting to know one another?"

 He looked at the floor for a while, not saying anything. It was amusing to watch him, he looked as if he was in thought. Thinking of the right thing to say.

 "What do you want to know?"

 "What can you tell me?"

 "Not much."

I let a long sigh escape my throat as I though of something to reason with his attitude today.

 "Can you tell me why Zayn isn't here today?" I asked and chewed on my lip.

 "Busy with... Work." Harry mumbled and put papers into his binder.

 "Is he mad?" I questioned.

 "Why would he be mad?" His eyebrows furrowing as he spoke.

 "Just a question."

 "Are you referring to this morning?"

 I pretended not to hear Harry's question and concentrated on chewing my lip. He chuckled and stopped what he was doing.

 "California," He smirked "If Zayn was mad... You would know."

 The bell rang and I rushed out for lunch. Niall met up with me at my locker, concern clearly shown on his face. He didn't say anything he just leaned against the next locker and watched me.

 "Some people just piss me off." I growled and slammed my locker shut.

 He raised an eyebrow at my statement. How could he not know who I meant?

 "Zayn. Harry. The both of them just piss me of-"

 As I muttered those words I spun around to see Zayn and Harry -along with someone else I don't know- standing behind me.

 "Hey sweet cheeks." Zayn grinned.

 "H-Hi." I stammered, backing up a little.

 "So I know you weren't just talking about me and my buddy Harry over here. You couldn't have been." He smirked and pinned me to a locker.

 "What makes you so sure I wasn't?"

 "We have been nothing but nice to you," He stroked my cheek with his thumb "You don't want to make us mad. Do you?"

 Niall stepped forward to cut in but Zayn put up a hand, signalling for Harry and the other guy to hold him off. I tried to step back but then realized I was against a wall.

 "I'm not gonna hurt you, gorgeous."

 "Then what do you want?" I frowned and put my hand on his chest, failing miserably to push him back.

 He grabbed my wrists, pinning them to my sides.

 "Are you going to the party this weekend?"

 "Not that I know of."

 "We'll now you are." His raspy voice sent shivers down my spine.

 He released my hands and backed away from me, now looking at Niall. Harry and that other guy held on to Niall firmly while Zayn walked around him. A chuckled escaped from Zayn as he watched Niall squirm uncomfortably.

 "I like you man. You would be good for the group." Zayn nodded to Harry and the other guy and they let go of Niall.

 "See you around James." Harry smirked and they walked down the hall.


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