For The Better.

We're like like fire and ice. I'm usually too much to handle and your not prepared for that, you never were. You want to me change for the better. Maybe it's not the better, maybe it's the worst. I gave my heart to you but you refused it, because everything good seems to be painted grey. I want to change, but I don't think I can. Niall James Horan. Help me. Without you..... I'm lost. (+14)


4. Chapter-2

 I laid in bed, letting thoughts of the previous night run through my mind. 

 Cathy let herself fall apart in the car, explaining that Niall's uncle wanted to be nothing more than acquaintances or possibly friends. I didn't think that Cathy would be so open but then again I'm the only person she has left that reminds her of mom. 

 My resemblance to mom is almost exact -minus the wrinkles and her small chest-  it's probably hard for Cathy to look at me without being reminded that her sister is gone. We sat in the car until she could pull herself together enough to drive.

 "Cali! Breakfast!" Cathy sang from the kitchen. Even though the house was still really big I only have to remember where the main rooms are. While I made my way down the hall and through the living room I pulled a sweater on.

 "Someone seems cheerful this morning." I forced a smiled and took a seat across from Cathy at the table.

 "Well, I thought about what Dan said and I wanna try the whole friendship thing." If you haven't got it by now Dan is Niall's uncle.

 "Good luck with that." I sighed and stabbed my egg with my fork.

 "I know, I know. It's stupid to think we can be friends but I really care about him..." She sighed.

 "Do what you got to do." I smiled and looked at my egg. It wasn't appetizing at all, just looking at it made me feel kinda sick actually. Cathy cleared her throat and I looked from my egg, back to her.

 "Are you excited for school tomorrow?"

 "Not really."

 "Come on! First day at a new school? Sounds exciting." She took a sip of tea and looked at her plate.

 "I guess." I took a bite of my egg and wrinkled my nose at the taste. Cathy stayed quiet, most likely thinking.

  "I got an idea," she beamed "We'll go shopping! I'll invite Dan and Niall." I coughed and looked at her for a second, registering my thoughts. Not that Niall was my type or anything - I'm into the sexy bad boy type of thing- but he is cute and sweet, that's what matters. Right?


 "Yes today silly goose!" Cathy giggled and nudged my arm with a big smile.

 I knew how much she wants this Dan thing to work so I'll take one for the team.

"Let me go get ready..." I mumbled and walked to my room. It's really nice out today so I grabbed at pair of jean shorts and a plaid shirt, with my toms to match. My phone played some Ed sheeran as I changed and straightened my hair.

 Cathy walked into my room as I did a few last touches to my hair, her smile almost as big as her face.

"We're meeting them there in 10 minutes so hurry up."

I pulled my toms on and headed to the front door, Cathy rushing around the house for whatever reason. I leaned against the door as she pulled on her shoes before stopping to glance over herself.

"The mall here is pretty big, lots of nice stuff.... here." She handed me a hand full of cash and we made our way to the car.


 Dan and Niall were standing at the front doors to the mall, waiting for us. Again, it's "my fault" or something stupid like that. 

 "Danny" Cathy gave Dan a tight squeeze and then looked at me and Niall. Dan cleared his throat making it clear he was going to speak.

 "Niall. Show the beautiful young lady around, it's her first time at this mall."

 Niall put a hand on my back, guiding me into the mall. I just realized that Cathy and Dan weren't going to follow.

 "So newbie, your clothes shopping?" Niall asked with a smirk.

 "How'd you guess?"

 "I'm just a really good guesser."

 "And I'm the queen of England." I teased and poked his side, a smile spreading across my face and his as well.

 "Wow. I didn't know the queen was this young"

 I snorted at his comment and headed into the first store I seen. Niall stayed by my side, looking at the ground. The store was big and full of different style clothing, I immediately ran to the shoes.

  "We should try another store." Niall murmured, putting a hand on my arm. I followed Niall's gaze to a group of preppy kids who had their eye on us.

 "Are you scared of them?" I asked, tilting my head to the side. He dropped his gazed and looked at the ground.

 "Niall trust me. Life is a lot easier if you grow a pair and say fuck you." I smirked and pushed a piece of hair from Niall's face.

 He looked at me blushing and started to say something but a few guys from the group had made their way to us.

 "Hey dude," a black haired guy nodded towards Niall "Who's the girl?"

 "Her names California."

 The black haired boy turned to me and winked before looking back at Niall.

 "What's a good looking girl doing with you?" A boy with curly hair snickered.

I looked at the curly haired boy quickly and then looked at Niall who was surprisingly calm. Who could be calm in a situation like this? Oh right, Niall.

"Charity and Brittany hung out with you guys and I'm still wondering how they did it." Niall's calm expression went from calm to cocky.

"Good one Horan," the black haired boy smirked and then looked at me "See you around cutie."

 The boys ended up leaving the store shortly after. As I looked through a rack of clothes two arms wrapped themselves around my waist.

 "Thank you so much California." He breathed and I felt his lips touch the back of my head.


 "No please." He spun me around to face his grinning face "I did something that I know I wouldn't have done any other time... How about we go get ice cream after this?"

"I would like that a lot, actually."

We looked back through the racks of clothes, finding a few outfits. After I paid for the clothes we headed to the food court, getting an ice cream.

 "What kind did you get?" Niall asked as he licked his ice cream.

"Vanilla. What's yours?"

"Oreo." He chuckled and then looked at his ice cream intensely.

 "Sounds good." I told him and he looked at me confused.

"You never had Oreo flavoured ice cream before?"

"Nope. Just vanilla."

 Niall's jaw swung open and he pushed his ice cream toward my face.

"Try it."

 He watched me lick the ice cream, his eyes never leaving my face.

"Oh my god. That's so good." I giggled and he grinned.

 "I knew you'd like it."

We talked and finished up our ice creams, heading to another store. The mall had been quiet all day until now, especially at the store we were going to.

"Maybe we should go to another store." I said to myself and turned to leave. Niall put an arm in front of me and wrapped it around my waist.

"W-What's wrong?" He stuttered with a worried look clear on his face.

 "I can't be here." I chewed on my lip nervously, trying to think of a better reason than I had.
 "California, seriously. What's wrong?"

 "P-Please Niall. Let's just go."

 "Why?" He frowned

 I sighed in defeat and ran my hand though my hair as I spoke.

 "I have really bad anxiety... I can't be in crowded places."

 Niall put his arms around me, giving me a tight squeeze. It felt really calming to be in his arms, my shaking stopped almost instantly.

"Why happened to growing a pair and saying fuck you?" He chuckled

"Fuck that." I mumbled in his chest, making him chuckle louder.

 "Let's go. We can come back another time." He intertwined our fingers as he spoke.

 I nodded quickly and we walked out of the mall. Niall told me he had his car, which is very expensive. He took my bags and opened my door before getting in himself.

"Thanks... For not making me stay in there." I mumbled and checked my phone. 

 Cathy texted saying she wouldn't be home until tomorrow. So much for "trying to be friends" I'm guessing.

"Do you want to stay the night?"


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