For The Better.

We're like like fire and ice. I'm usually too much to handle and your not prepared for that, you never were. You want to me change for the better. Maybe it's not the better, maybe it's the worst. I gave my heart to you but you refused it, because everything good seems to be painted grey. I want to change, but I don't think I can. Niall James Horan. Help me. Without you..... I'm lost. (+14)


3. Chapter-1

 As my dad stopped the car in front of a big expensive house, I scrunched up my nose looking over the perfectly cut grass and pond in my aunts front lawn.

 "What? You don't like it?" My dad frowned and followed my gaze.

 "You didn't tell me she had money...." I sighed and looked at my lap. If dad thinks I'm staying here for my last two years of high school, he has another thing coming to him.

 "Cali..." He growled and took out his keys. I snapped my head over towards him, my headache getting worse.

 "What now? I just didn't want to be sent with aunt Cathy. Why couldn't you have sent me with aunty Taylor?" I asked as a felt under my seat for my purse.

 "Don't start this right now California. Your staying with your aunt Cathy and that's final." His stern tone echoed back as searched for my cigarette pack.


 I lit my smoke and got out of the car. Aunt Cathy was standing at the front door waving at my father. He helped bring my bags to the front door while I tried to finish my smoke in peace. I don't want him to leave me.

 Dad spoke to Cathy for a few minutes, them both giving me quick glances. The smoke felt nice for a change, it usually didn't though. Dad made his way back to me, his puffy eyes staring into mine.

 "I'll see you around Christmas, ok Cali?"

 "Yeah" Was all I could manage to reply. My eyes burning and tears threatened to fall. I though I was prepared for this but I can't. Without another look at him I headed towards the door, throwing my smoke in the process.

 "Good to see you dear." Cathy smiled and threw her arms around me.

 She held on to me for a few seconds until she realized I wasn't going to hug back. As soon as she let go I picked up my bag and waited for her to show me to my new room.

 "How was the drive here?" Cathy asked while heading down the hall, me following close behind.

 The house is pretty big compared to mine. She walked through a big room which I'm guessing is the living room before turning down another hall.

 "It was fine, I guess." I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

 "That's good- Here is your room," She opened the door before continuing "You can unpack later, we have a dinner reservation though. Wash up and I'll meet you downstairs."

 I pushed my bags into the room and quickly made my way to the bathroom. Since we have been driving for 2 days it felt nice to shower. I felt a lot cleaner and my headache seemed to have disappeared. I found my sweater and skinny jeans in a bag and my curler so I curled my hair before rushing around my room to find my favorite pair of toms.

 "Cali! Hurry up!" Cathy sang from the bottom of the stairs. I let myself roll my eyes before running down the stairs.

 "Sorry, I couldn't find my shoes and anywhere."  I bit my lip as I spoke and pulled a few of my curls forward.

 "It's alright." She flung open the door while speaking.

 I quickly made my way to the car, if we were late Cathy would blame it on me.


 Me and Cathy followed the waiter to our table and I examined the people sitting at it. A man who was patting the sweat off his balding head, a snooty looking woman, and another man that looked a lot like the first one but this one looked a lot bigger. Rich friends of Cathy's, no doubt. Cathy nudged me and I snapped my head up in her direction.

 "Sorry, were you saying something?"

 "Your sitting at the booth in the back corner. Alright?" She smiled and pointed towards where the booth was. I nodded and walked to where she pointed. When I got there a boy with blond hair immediately looked up from him menu, a smile forming on his lips.

 "Hey. I'm California." I smiled back and took a seat across from him

 "H-Hi." He looked at me for a few seconds before looking back at menu nervously. I noticed his Irish accent instantly making me melt.

 "Do you have a name?" I asked and pulled out my phone, playing with the case.

 "Sorry, I'm Niall." He set his menu down after taking another glance at it and looked up at me.

 "Nice to meet you Niall, my aunt Cathy must be friends with your parents or something."

 "Cathy? Yeah, shes trying to work things out with my uncle..." He rolled his eyes and look at the tables close by.

 "They're dating?" I asked and pushed a few strands of hair from my face.

 "Used to be married." Niall coughed, and waved over a waiter. He ordered his food and offered to get me something but I told him no, repeatedly since no the first time wasn't enough.

 "Why haven't I met you before?"

 "I just moved here." I answered causally, pretending it was nothing. To me it was something though, the thought of my dad abandoning me with aunt Cathy just makes me tense.

 "Oh. I moved here like a year ago.... It's pretty boring when you don't know anybody."

 "I know you though... right?"

 "Yeah?" He looked at me confused.

 "Nevermind." I shooked my head, letting a light giggle slip. Niall shrugged and put a hand over his stomach

 "I'm sooo hungry!" He whined, looking like a five year old which somehow made me giggle again. It felt nice to laugh at little things that weren't even that funny. Niall grinned and looked away, glancing around the resaraunt for - I'm guess- the waiter.

 Shortly after another groan and whine from Niall, waiter rushed around with his food. Niall clapped his hand and sat up straight too eat.

 "Cali! Cali, come on. Were leaving." Cathy rushed to the table with a frown and nodded towards Niall.

 "Alright," I sighed and looked at Niall "See you around?"

 "Yeah. Bye California, Mrs. James." He grinned at me and I snatch a french fry of his plate before following Cathy out of the resaraunt.


Ok so the first chapter isn't that long.... sadly. I didn't have time to write much but its something!(: I might write a lot more if I get more comments!!!

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