His Touch

Skye*girl* gets to live her dream life. 36Million people wish they were in her shoes. Her best friend Justin Bieber, becomes more then a friend. But. If he knew my secret. It would all be gone.


1. The Start

Skye's POV•
He has been my best friend since we were 1year old. How could I ever fall for him!? He's pretty much like a brother! But I can't help it. His eyes, his lips, his body. Everything about him is just so perfect! I don't act like he's JUSTIN BIEBER! No, to me his Justin, that kid with the hair:) Yeah I'm a HUGE fan of his music and I guess you can call me a bit of a Belieber, but he's my best friend so I don't have poster all over the place and my phone isn't FILLED with his pictures. But, I really think I'm falling in love. He's so nice and caring and the man can DANCE!!! To me. He's just a normal Canadian kid who's dreams came true. If only he was here more. Then maybe, just maybe I would tell him the truth.
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