Two Worlds Collide

Avery Evans is no ordinary tween. This girl is just 15 but she has a BIG career in front of her. She plays Rocky on Shake It Up. So you can say she's an actress and a dancer. She's an international pop star but she has been focusing on acting more the past few years. Now, she's back in the music business, she is MORE famous than ever. What will happen when management tells her she's going to work with the biggest band on earth for the next album and tour? Will she fall in love with one of them? Or will they just be brothers and sister? Read to find out!


6. Planning everything -Part 2

*Louis' P.O.V*

We walked out of the car and there were tons of fans screaming our names. There some posters that really stood out to me too. I wonder how Avery could manage to get through this kind of crowd so easily. I mean she's just 15! Even Niall is scared and Zayn still has to get protective of him every single time! Speaking of Avery, where is she anyway.

-Hey Liam, have you seen Avery?

-No. Why? -He questioned

-Oh it's nothing. Just that I couldn't find her ANYWHERE!! -I shouted.

-Oh god. -We both said unison.

We started to look around and panick.

-There she is! - I heard Liam shout

I turned around to find her talking, taking pictures with fans while giving them her autographs. While this girl is so.... generous.

-She wants to do everything she can to give back to the fans. -A very unfamiliar female voice said.

I look around he saw the person.

-I`m Kristy. Avery's "gardian". But since you guys will be with her for two years or so, you guys are her gardian. Try and get to know her, she's really sweet . -She puts her hand out for me to shake and I glady took it.

- I think I should go sign some pictures. I will see you around.-I nood

-ok - she  replied


Niall's P.O.V 

I've never been at a meeting THIS quiet before and I've gotta admit, I kinda like it. It's so relaxing. Well, one reason that makes it so easy is that everybody is practically on their phones. Exceptt for Avery. I think she fell asleep a few minutes ago listening to music. She's really not a morning person.

-Hi guys -Simon said walking in.

-Hey Simon - We replied, not including Avery

-Avery. -Simon called but no reply

-Avery -Simon called again

-Avery -Simon tried once again this time louder than the other 2.

-AVERY!!!! -Louis sitting beside her screamed into her ears after taking her headphones out.

-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god. -She yelled falling out of her chair landing on her bum.

-Ouch!! What was that for? You ruined my dream!! I was a princess!!! -She pouted and we all laughed.

-Well hello Avery.

-Oh hi Simon!! -She greeted him

-You're gonna pay. -She threatend Louis which scared him. Wow. He never get scared of anyone. She's good.

-Ok, first off, Avery. Avery you are going to be working with us more for the next album.

-Kay -she replied

-Wait, what do you mean exactly by "us"? -Zayn questioned.

-Well, Miss Evans here is signed to 3 record labels. Syco, Sony and Hollywood Records.

-Wow... -we all complimented.

-We only got signed to 1 record label and you got 3?!


-Guys, enough with the chit chat. -Simon said, clearly annoyed.

Sorrys filled the room.

-Alright. For the album, One Direction guys will be working with famous songwriters including our very own Avery Evans here. You guys can help them out if you want. Avery, you can write your own songs or co-write them. It's up to you. The number of songs on your  album will be about 20 songs. 10 for Avery, 10 for One Direction. Several of them you will be singing together.

-You all understand?

-Yes sir!!! -Avery yelled and we all laughed and Simon shot her a look as if saying "seriously?"

-For the tour and shows, you guys will keep your own band so they don't have to memorize so many songs. Seeing the guys have no backup singers, Avery, you will keep yours backup.


-Travelling. All of you will share a tour bus. The band and backups will have their. own. So are the dancers.

-Dancers? But we don't dance. -Liam asked, confusion shown on our faces.

-He didn't say they're YOUR dancers. -Avery said.

-They're Avery's dancers.-Simon explained

-Oh... - Relive shown on our faces.

-The crews will also have their own bus. And I'm sorry to say this but seeing so many people on this tour, we can't have guests coming. I'm sorry. Oh, I almost forfot, since you guys know nothing about Avery's music, I thought about her performing a show live for you guys tomorrow off of her last tour "Haunted".

That sentence was clearly directed to us but we just nod.

-Ok, that's all for today. I will be seeing you guys after the tour finish. If you need anything, call me. See you later.

-Bye Simon.

We stood up and head out the door.


*Avery's P.O.V*
The car ride back home was quiet. No one said a word. Once we get back home I immediately ran upstairs to my beloved bedroom. I was just lying there about ten minutes then my phone rang. I look to see the contact ID and I was Greyson.

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