Two Worlds Collide

Avery Evans is no ordinary tween. This girl is just 15 but she has a BIG career in front of her. She plays Rocky on Shake It Up. So you can say she's an actress and a dancer. She's an international pop star but she has been focusing on acting more the past few years. Now, she's back in the music business, she is MORE famous than ever. What will happen when management tells her she's going to work with the biggest band on earth for the next album and tour? Will she fall in love with one of them? Or will they just be brothers and sister? Read to find out!


5. Planning everything -Part 1

*Avery's P.O.V*

-And the winner of artist of the year is.... 

-Avery Evans!!!

I stood up. Everyone was clapping, hugging me. And the fans was chanting my name!! I can't belive I'm recieving my FIRST Grammy Award!! As I head up stage, I hear my name louder and louder and louder.

-Av - a familiar voice called me.

-Av - Another one




Each time is a different voice.

-AVERY EVANS!!! - a voice yelled LOUDLY into MY ears as a hand hind my arm.

-OW!!!!! - I screamed as I get up and flip the person over.


Wait, that scream, that voice...


-Yes. Now let me go!! My bones gonna break!!

-Oops sorry!! - I say and help him get up.

-What are you guys doing here?

-Well, your alarm went out about 15 minutes ago when we were eating breakfast.

-Nice alarm tone by the way. -Zayn commented. I stood there, blushing.

-Anyway, we thought you turned it off but no. Just seconds later it rings  again. So that's why we're here.

-We tried to wake you up multiple times but then Louis here decided to be childish and hit your arm and that ended him up lying on the floor.

-Oh...Sorry, I'm just not used to people touching me. But why are we have to be up this early? It's -I took a look at the clock sitting on my mini drawer- 7:15?!?!!

-Hey! Thats exactly what Zayn said!! You're twins!! -Niall exclaimed.

We all laughed.

-We have a meeting today with management and Simon at 8 remember?!

-Oh yeah!! Now out. I need to get change!

I quickly did my morning routine and pick out my outfit. Since the weather is hot today, I decided to wear my jeans short - short with a tank top and a polka-dotted short sleeves tied-up sweater.

When I finished, it was already 7:30. Since we have another half hour left, I decided to have some cereal. Corn Flakes, Froot Loops,... But then again, I always land on Corn Flakes. I don't know why but it's really addictive to me. The guys was in the living room tearing my TV and the remote apart. I can't believe they're practically fighting over what channel to watch! I mean, seriously? They're not kids.

I see that this fight was going nowhere, so, I walked into the living, yanked the remote out of their hands, turn to Disney Channel, and put the remote in my pockets so that none of them can steal it. They were shocked at first but seconds later, they started complaining.

-Hey, my house, my rules, my TV.  -I shut them up.

While I was eating, I remembered something. My dress. Olivia said she'd pick it up for me. I wonder if she's in her room. Probably. So after I wash my bowl, I ran upstairs and into Olive's room, yes I call her Olive for short. But obviously after I give the boys' the remote and threaten them to behave or I will band them for technology forever.  I knock three times on her white door and walk in after she told me so.

-Hey what's up?

-Eh, nothing. Just about to go to a meeting with the guys. You know they're here right?

-Ya. Oh I got your dress!

-Wow. You just read my  mind! -I said as Olive give me my dress.

-Prefect. -I commented. -Well, I gotta go now. Cya.-

-Cya!! -She called back.

I went in my room to put the dress away then walk downstairs.
-Hey guys, I'm gonna give Dave a call so he can come and drive us there ok?

-Oh no no no,  I'm the one that's driving. -Louis insisted.

-Alright. Come on, we're gonna be late. -I said as i put on my black high top Converse.

I open my garage and gave Louis the key. He back the car out perfectly.

-Get on board!! -He said which he earned some glares from the rest of us.

-Seat belt on and here we go!!

-Seriously Louis?! Seriously?!

-Oh never mind. Hey guys, I just realised that I've never show you guys around the house. sorry.

-It's ok. You can show us later! -Louis said looking at me, NOT the road!

-EYES ON THE ROAD!!! -we all yelled.

--Oops. Sorry. -He apologized.

-Note to self: Never EVER let Louis William Tomlinson drive. EVER! - I mumbled/said.

The rest of them just laughed. Then the rest of the car ride was silence. But not awkward silence, it was that peaceful one. Once we reached the studio, there were literally hundreds of fans outside.


AN: sorry for not updating for so long. I've had some personal problems so. Hope you all understand. I'm trying to update more in the summer.

Have a great summer.
P.S: I've decided to  change the character name to Avery Evans



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