Two Worlds Collide

Avery Evans is no ordinary tween. This girl is just 15 but she has a BIG career in front of her. She plays Rocky on Shake It Up. So you can say she's an actress and a dancer. She's an international pop star but she has been focusing on acting more the past few years. Now, she's back in the music business, she is MORE famous than ever. What will happen when management tells her she's going to work with the biggest band on earth for the next album and tour? Will she fall in love with one of them? Or will they just be brothers and sister? Read to find out!


1. Morning call

*Avery's P.O.V*

I was deep asleep until I heard a familiar tune:

Don't wanna break your heart

Wanna give your heart a break 

I know you're scared it's wrong

Like you might make a mistake 

There's just on life to live

And there's no time to wait, to waste

So let m-

I quickly find my phone and press answer. 


I said in a sleepy voice. Instead of looking at the calller ID I looked at the time. 6 AM??!? Who would call someoone at 6 AM??

-Sorry to interupt your sleep Avery, but I need to have a quick meeting with you in an hour. 

I know that voice from anywhere. It's Simon!!

-Hi Simion and ok. I'll be there between an hour and two. 

-Haha..Very funny but I'm serious. See you then!

-Ok, cya!!

I quickly get up and went into the bathroom to take a morning shower. After that I changed into jeans and a button up shirt. Once I finished, I look at the time and it was 6:40. So I called Dave, my personal driver to come and drive me there since I don't have my driver license YET!


I know this chapter is a little bit boring and short but trust me everything will get better. And please mind my English. I'm working on it. 

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