Small Bump

This is a story behind the beautiful song Small Bump by the beautiful Ed Sheeran and about how the loss of a baby that was not even born can affect a relationship forever. Hope You guys like it


6. The Realization

So it seems all happy and fairytale like for now but things have only just began so lets get onto the main reason I wrote this story the news I was not expecting to find out. Well it had been at least a week since me and Ed slept together and we are now currently in a relationship and I am trying so hard to make sure nothing comes in between our perfect relationship. So I woke up this morning and went to have a shower I got in the bathroom and felt my head spin oh gosh it was terrible  I ran to the toilet and through up not just then but several times during the day so I went to the chemist to get some pills because i thought It would have been just some sickness going around so I got   to the chemist and walked around the isles and that's when i noticed an isles that jumped out and smacked me like I just got ht by a school bus. Started crying and fell to the fall the isles was the filled with pads and pregnancy tests.

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