Small Bump

This is a story behind the beautiful song Small Bump by the beautiful Ed Sheeran and about how the loss of a baby that was not even born can affect a relationship forever. Hope You guys like it


3. The Party

My friend started to arrive and we all started chatting. some had just got married, some where engaged, some had gone through tough break-ups and one had even gone on the X-Factor but only got to boot camp. It was all very overwhelming so we all started to drink alcohol all round there was cocktails and beers and wines and spirits I had already drunk like six pina coladas and by the time it was for Ed to sing for us I was very drunk. But as soon as he spoke and started singing it was like  no one else was there like he was singing for me like nothing in the world mattered at that time and moment. He was singing a new song called Little Things little did I know that it would soon be come a smash hit for the worlds greatest boy band One Direction which whom I love by the way. Once he finished singing it was like a slap in the face like 'Hello Katy welcome back to reality'. Not long after he finished everyone decided to leave but they all had a good time which was music to my ears. After that they where all gone Ed was out on the balcony with his guitar like usual so I let him be he could be on a breakthrough to a new fantastic song so I didn't want to disrupt him so I sat down and watched MTV for a while then he came and sat down beside me. "Hey" I said. "Hey" he replied. "Your performance was great everybody loved it and really hope you become successful they will be rooting for you" "thanks" he said whilst blushing a bit to much. "What" said you seem abit embarrassed is there something wrong with my friends or me or something" I said nervously. "Oh nothing it's just that umm i don't know how to do this". "Ed do what" I said anxiously and a little bit nervous of what he was about to do.  but before I could say or do anything he pressed his lips against mine and the soft gentle touch of his lips sent a chill down my spine. I could feel the warmth of his body against mine as he pulled away and said " I love you Kitty_Kat always have always will" I pulled him in again and we were pressed close together everything felt so right but all happened so fast it was all a serial blur after that. All I remember was waking up in the morning naked in my bed with Ed lying next to me.

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