Small Bump

This is a story behind the beautiful song Small Bump by the beautiful Ed Sheeran and about how the loss of a baby that was not even born can affect a relationship forever. Hope You guys like it


2. Teenage Dream

So it was a typical morning just like any other i was waking up to my daily cup of coffee and Katy perry CD blaring in the stereo whilst I fed the cat well he's not my cat he is my roommates cat Bellini that's his name but don't ask me why. So back on track so yeah this morning was pretty casual but i was excited because it was my birthday party today even though it's not for another 2 weeks but I'm to busy to have it any other time so this is when i planned it. "hey Ed how long do you plan on staying in that toilet you've been in there for ages I'm starting to think you may have fallen in" I said to him with a bit of a giggle while i said it. Ed strutted out of the toilet with his guitar pick in his mouth and his six string on his back. Oh yeah there is something i should probably tell you my roommate is Ed Sheeran the real Edward Christopher Sheeran. " How could you disrupt me i was in the middle of writing the best song in the world  I get inspiration while I'm in the bathroom" he said. " Oh my god I am so sorry whats the name of the song gonna be sitting on the toilet oh wait that's already a song naww too bad" I said sarcastically. "Wait how do you know I could have written that song" "Oh really well are you a dark skinned lady who sits and sings while she is taking a crap" I said. " Hey that is me thank you very much and my name is shaniqua actually" I just burst out in laughter that's all i ever did around Ed he just made me smile. Ed is that type of guy every girl wants in there life the one girl would always have that teenage dream fantasy over. He knows how to treat a girl right, he has a great sense of humor, he knows how to make you feel better after you have had a bad day and he is just one of those genuine guys that girls search so hard to find but they miss it because all they are looking for is a guy that is totally sexy and looks like Channing Tatum hey don't get me wrong i love Channing he is my favorite actor and he is totally the sexiest man alive but not all of us can have a guy like that and they are very hard to find trust me I know. But Ed he is good looking in his own way and to me that is what a true guy should be like. "So when's the party Kitty-Kat because I want to know when to jump off the balcony" he said with the biggest smile on his face. "Hey they aren't that bad  and you promised you would sing for us you are going to right because you promised and if you don't then" he cut me off before I could say anything else " Hey Kitty-Kat put the claws away I am going to sing for you a promise is a promise and I promise again to sing okay that's a promise" " You know saying promise that many times doesn't make it more believable" i said in a stern voice. " PROMISE" he said while he walked off smiling into the distance not really just to his room enough of that cheesy cliched endings.Ed is one of the first people I knew in Primary school and he made me feel wanted I never had many friends I was always getting picked on by other kids but he made feel like I was important like there was a reason for living. We told each other what we wanted to succeed with when we finished school I wanted to be a Zoologist but Ed of course wanted to be a singer and he got that dream goal of his. We each other our secrets and I still do but I haven't told him the one about me having feelings for him yet but I plan to tonight.

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