Small Bump

This is a story behind the beautiful song Small Bump by the beautiful Ed Sheeran and about how the loss of a baby that was not even born can affect a relationship forever. Hope You guys like it


7. Run Run as fast as you can You can't catch me I'm confused

Yes Yes my period had been late by like 4 days but that didn't mean anything yes I had been throwing up but that could just be some sort of sickness. I got to my feet pulled myself together grabbed a test then ran  to the counter and then to the toilets I needed to know what was going on? I ran faster then I thought I would ever ran and barged through the crowd to the toilet . I opened the door and ran into the closest cubicle and closed the door. I teared open the packet and through it to the ground and read the instructions I stopped reading as i thought how hard could it be to pee on a stick. I finished up and closed my eyes but as soon as I grabbed the paper compared it to the stick color that's when I knew that everything was a mess my test was positive I Katy Kelly was pregnant with Ed Sheeran's baby.

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