Small Bump

This is a story behind the beautiful song Small Bump by the beautiful Ed Sheeran and about how the loss of a baby that was not even born can affect a relationship forever. Hope You guys like it


4. Just because you lost your virginity doesnt mean you can go around throwing your cat at everybody.

I out of bed and started pacing I didn't know what had happened I couldn't remember a thing. But my body was tingling with sensation and all i could think about was in my head that was beating on me like a monkey jumping around with  a drum was that I just lost my virginity with the guy I have loved since grade 6 and I don't even know if he meant it or not because we were both drunk And oh no did we wear protection god say we did. Ed woke up in a sort of panic like he was just waking up from a dream he didn't wan to wake up form but he just looked at me and smiled " so I wasn't dreaming you and me actually did do it" Omg really no i just thought your bed was the bathtub what do you think" "well I think somebody has a bad hangover and a bit of a temper" he said as a joke but I snapped and picked up Bellini (Ed's cat) and threw it at him. Bellini landed right on Ed's head and curled up beside him he didn't seem to mind me throwing him i think he thought it was some sort of game. Ed patted the cat and said "  Olive just because you lost your virginity doesn't mean you can go around throwing your cat around at everybody" he laughed and kissed Bellini on the head. " dude you can't quote Easy A at me I made you watch that movie" I said as i lied down next to Ed. " look I know you make think that this was just a one night stand its not and All the things i said last night you probably don't remember but I really did mean it I do love you and I won't stop until you love me too" he said passionately. " but you won't need to keep trying" I replied he seemed confuse " because I already do love you too.

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