Life swap (Louis tomlinson fanfic)

Miranda is 20 years old she looks exactly like the famous Eleanor Calder. What happens when Eleanor has enough of Louis embarrassing her in public with his childish ways and needs a break. She discovers Miranda her look alike and finds her in Manchester. She thought after a break she could come back to Louis but what happens when the secret or revealed and Louis wants Miranda to stay...


1. Hello Eleanor goodbye Miranda

Hi guys this my first book on movellas and before anyone says anything I absolutely loooove Eleanor Calder. Her and Louis are adorable together and I can't wait for Louis to one day ask her to marry him but for the story Eleanor has a different more mean and boring personality rather than a sweet funny friendly personality but only for the story I promise. Miranda: Come on jess I wanna get to the mall so we can get to the sales before stores sell out!! I yelled to my best friend. She ran out of her room and followed me to the car. She hopped in the drivers seat and I slid in next to her. She pulled out and sped down the street. It started raining but it was only light. We pulled up at the mall and hopped out speed walking inside making sure to lock the car. "Hey let's go to forever 21 first!" Jess said dragging me into the store. I like shopping but I don't really go for girly stuff like dresses but I do kind of wear bracelets and necklaces stuff like that.I like stuff like shorts jeans t shirts sweats sweaters hightops toms that sorta thing. No matter where I go I always wear my fluro green high tops that have fluro blue shoe laces. I am all round a colourful person and would never be caught wearing dark sad colours but will always wear fluro bright happy colours. I spotted some fluro yellow high waisted shorts and grabbed my size. I then grabbed a fluro green half top that had music notes in fluro orange on it. I walked over to jess who had already filled her arm in 6 off the same shirt in different colours and 4 of the same leggings in different colours. I rolled my eyes and dragged her away from the clothes rack as she protested and payed for my items. Jess payed for hers and we walked out her left hand carrying 3 bags while I only had one. We walked into diva next (I'm not sure if they have diva in England but whatever) and spotted in the back fluro orange nerd glasses frames. I smiled and took a pair. Like I said colourful person. I grabbed a long necklace that has a silver leaf on it and a packet of 6 zipper earrings all fluro. Yellow, blue, green, orange, red and purple. I also got a bunch of those colourful bracelets that you tie around your wrist. I got 5 of those. I walked up and payed for my things and met jess outside the store. She looked like she bought the entire store! "Hey do you wanna get lunch?" I asked jess I'm getting real hungry. "Sure lets go!" We got to the food court and sat down at a booth. "I'm going to get food." Jess stated walking off. "Hi!" A girl said walking up to us. She is wearing aviators and really big heals. "Ummm hi!" I replied awkwardly. She took off her glasses and spoke up again "I'm Eleanor and I need your help." "Ok..." I told her. "You are my twin and I need you and I to swap lives" she told me. Now I think about she looks just like me. "Why?" I asked. "Well you see I'm sick of my boyfriend and need a break he always acts really immature in public and really embarrasses me. Also I wanna get away from the fame he has brought to me from us dating. You see my boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson.." I stared in shock. "So here is the house key address and all the contacts you need in your phone and have fun but don't get too close because he is mine!" She said walking off.


Jess walked over placing down a tray filled with a frappe from McDonalds subway and a giant choc chip cookie.

"who was that and why does she look exactly like you only less colourful and more 7 inch heel?" My friend asked taking a sip of her drink.

"That was Eleanor Calder and me and her are swapping lives...

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