playing hard to get

haley walker, and anna holloway are in the firstt row of one directions concert but each of the boys are soon crazy in love for haley but what happens when they invite haley and anna on tour and haley plays hard to get


3. strange new place

haleys pov

All i reamber is that i passed out. I opened my eyes and their stood anna,harry,zayn,louis,niall, and liam. were am i, i asked. your at are flat love. whats your name liam ones asked me again. im haley," your verry pretty i must say" said liam. thanks. "Anna here has told us alot about you" harry said. Oh she has i said sounding mad. can i ask you someything harry asked with a smirk on his face. "sure" i said, kiss me if im wrong but dinosaurs still exist right". of corse not i said. and then like he said to kiss him if i was right he crashed his lips into mine but i love all of one direction so im not settling down yet so its time to play hard to get.

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