playing hard to get

haley walker, and anna holloway are in the firstt row of one directions concert but each of the boys are soon crazy in love for haley but what happens when they invite haley and anna on tour and haley plays hard to get


2. front row

haleys pov

me and anna were getting ready to go to a one direction cocert we won the tickets for the front row with back stage passes but i know when we meet the boys anna will cry and ill pass out. I was wereing a blue strapless dress with matching heels and i cureled my hair. anna was were the same outfit as me so we kinda looked like twins.*we got in the car and drove off the the cocert there were 1,000s of girls out side. ones we got in side and sat down the boys came out on stage and started to sing my fav song kiss you. when the show was over we went back stage and gave our passes to a gard then that was to moment the door opened and the 5 boys we lived for opened the door. like i said anna started jumping around like she was 5 and then cryed but i just stood there with my mouth wide open same with my eyes. "whats your name love" liam asked me and i was right because i passed out.

annas pov

we just gave the gard are passes and thats when the door opened and the 5 boys we lived for came out so like the dummy i am i start jumping around and crying unlike haley she stands their with her eyes and mouth wide open and then passes out when liam asks for her name.


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