Getting braces

What about when Niall had braces will he get them off or no read to find out


1. OMG

Come on Niall we are going to be late my sister yelled from down stairs.  I don't want to go I am to scared I won't go I yelled back god I thought to my self my sister Lauren is so annoying when it comes to my orthodontist appointments.  Niall I will buy you your fave food but you have to go to your orthodontist first.  Fine I yelled I hate that place the orthodontist but I am forced to go she usually has to have the boys drag me to the car I guess i have to get a expander so we will find out when we get there.  Sis Niall fell a sleep Liam said well you have to wake him up cause we are here.  I fell asleep I felt Louis and the boys shake me and wake me up Niall come on we are here bro you have to wake up I heard Zayn say I woke up shaking h-h-here I stuttered Liam calmed me down and said it is OK bro we will be here and won't go any where we promise.  OK ready Niall I nodded my head in fear we got out of the car and walked in my sis made me sign in and then go brush my teeth then the person that does all the work called my name.  Niall I heard some one say my girlfriend came to cant the boys and my girlfriend come back to he asked nervously of course they can they came back with me I was really scared when they had said OK Niall looks like you have to get an expander great I don't want one either but I have to.  OK Niall just lay back and relax this should not hurt at all just relax they finally got it on Niall you can't eat for an hour.  Great now I can't eat for an hour because of this it is OK mate we will got to the park and hang out fine I groaned.     

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