Crimson scars


1. Crimson Scars


"You're beautiful"

He whispered into my ear, making shivers go down my spine. 

"You were always beautiful, you just needed the finishing touches."


I looked into mirror, I stared at the girl.

She was beautiful indeed.


Her hair was a dark color, it was so dark it looked purple. Her face painted with tons of scars, but what caught her eye was the new carved in smile. Her smile dripped blood all over her clothes, she didn't care. The carved smile burned but she still didn't care. That girl was beautiful. 


That girl was me.


He came up behind me and laced his hands with mine. His hair tickled my shoulders as he looked at the mirror.


"Perfect." He muttered. "We're perfect."


His voice made my heart stop, then he kissed my bloody cheek. He slowly licked the blood off his lips and grinned at me.


"You taste good." He whispered.


I turned to him. I licked his carved smile, then kissing his jawline.


"You taste better." I said.


He kissed my lips gently and smiled.


"Love you." I whispered.


"If you love me then why don't we run away together. Just you and me. No more pain and worries just love." He said.


"You know I can't do that Jeff, my family needs me. I'm sorry." I said.


"I can't hide here forever." Jeff said.


"I know but--"


"BUT NOTHING!" Jeff shouted.


I winced backing up until I hit a wall. I could feel his anger, it felt like every bad memory has come to haunt me again and I can't make it go away. I just want to blow up. I hugged my knees and closed my eyes, trying to make the pain go away.


"I'm sorry Mallory. I just don't want to lose you." Jeff whispered. 


"You won't I promise." I mumbled.


"Really?" Jeff asked.


I kissed him as hard as I could, biting his lip and begging for entrance. He let me in and our tongues wrestled, wanting domination. Jeff may be the master mind of killing sprees, but in this game I rule. I explored every inch of his mouth, I could hear a small moan emerge from Jeff. Then I pulled away.


"You tease." He growled, grabbing the belt of my pants and pulling me over to him.


I smiled, I kissed his cheek.


Then, I could hear the slamming of two car doors. My parents were home.


"Shit." I mumbled. "Jeff.."


"I know Mal, I know." He frowned.


I stared as he reopened my window getting ready to escape.


"Jeff wait!" I shouted.


He stared at me, I kissed him gently again.


"When will I see you again?" I asked.


He smiled.


"Soon Mallory soon.  Don't worry I'll be okay." He reassured me.


I wave him goodbye as a tear runs down my cheek. I close the window and cover up my face so my parents won't notice.

Not knowing that would be the last time I'll see my beloved Jeff.


Jeff the killer.





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