We Are Not Alone In This World

Prothlinee has had one wish for as long as she can remember; to meet an alien.
In a future where the existence of aliens is an accepted truth humans interact with other species on a regular basis, most of the time things run smoothly but no peace can last forever. Sparks of discontent burn and Prothlinee finds her sleepy little town isn’t quite all it appears to be.

Wrote fo the Sci-Fi competiton


2. Alien Views

He stood in the all too familiar drizzle of this planet scowling, rain was the only thing that irritated him quiet this much; he tried to push the feeling from his thoughts. He had an important job to do after all. He walked quietly through the dark with soft swift footsteps, moving in a precise determined manner; the wind howled past his ears carrying the scent of the humans he was following with it. He crept along hesitantly, carefully avoiding stray twigs that would snap sickeningly underfoot alerting them to his presence; these humans where his assignment, he was to find out what they were doing.

He could feel his heart beat faster, like a bird franticly trying to fly in a gale, as the humans came into view and their whispered voices reached his ears; at first the noise was incomprehensible. Several minutes passed until he could understand them clearly.

“We can’t just plant the evidence and hope it gets linked back to one of them.” snapped an angry voice.

“No..., but we can try to find out more about them.” another squeaked nervously. The voice sounded familiar to him but he couldn’t place where from.

“Ok, if you think that will help that is what we shall do.” Said the third one, obviously he was the leader of the group, they scattered like startled rabbits as soon as this was said.

Drat he thought annoyed by how cautious they had been in producing such a strategy, he tried to pick up the trail of the leader but it was futile; with surprise on their side they had the upper hand. He  let out an exasperated growl in frustration, he knew how much trouble this failure would earn him; not only had he learnt nothing tangible he had also let them escape his grasp. Well, if nothing else, you now have firsthand experience of the resourcefulness of humans. He thought with a sigh, next time he would be more prepared.

He walked aimlessly through the dark, something squelched gently when he trod on it causing him to look down in alarm. A broad smile flashed across his lips, there in the dirty freshly formed mud was a boot print and it too looked recent. His spirits lifted, sure, there was no way of knowing it was made by one of the humans from earlier but he had to hope.

He tracked his quarry slowly following the correct path a necessity, he could smell concrete, asphalt and humans in the distance, there was near a town. The trail he was on led him down a gentle hill towards a little mass of trees on its outskirts, the ghost of a smile lingered on his face as he proceeded to enter, it was the perfect cover he needed. His home planet had forests similar to this but they weren’t all as safe; many had poisonous plants in them, plants that would spray blinding spores when you touched their long winding hand like vines.

He would stay here for the time being, to collect what data he could without detection. Humans, he found himself thinking they’ll trust you so easily until you give them reason not to; they fear what they don’t understand but then again we Friane do too.


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