Secrets of lovers

Lilly is the leader of her clique, most popular girl in school, co- captain of the cheer squad, 10th grade beautiful Mrs. perfect.. Yet single. But not when she meets Taylor, bad boy of the school, with a large reputation for getting into trouble... And Lilly's new chemistry partner.. But there isn't just educational chemistry between these two;) Can they keep their love a secret, and their reputations alive?


3. the kiss


 Lilly walked into her dorm with an 'If you touch me i'll kill you' look and Kayla was the first to speak up. "... Are you okay?" Kayla asked in a curious tone. Lilly turned and answered in a furious tone, "Oh i am totally fine, because i know my day couldn't possibly get any worse. I mean, first we're lab partners, now he's my math tutor, and then his bitch girlfriend tells me off!! And you know what's even better!? He's coming in an hour and a half to do the first tutoring whatever you call it! I am not okay!"     Kayla and Hallie just sat there, staring at her. "...... I feel really sorry for you.... But did you hear about what happened to Jessica right after 4th period?" Hallie said, trying to cheer her best friend up. "Did she get hit by a bus?" Lilly asked in a funny/sarcastic tone. "Sadly, no. But Taylor broke that slut's cold heart. She was bawling.. It was amazing!!". Lilly perked up a bit, "But why?" She asked now more interested. Hallie stood up and walked over to her desk and sat at the computer for a moment before answering. "Something about her  cheating on him and he also apparently likes someone.... Else... OH MY GOD!"Hallie jumped out of the chair and ran over grabbing Lilly and yanking the small blonde to her feet, "Maybe he likes.... you!" "No! Lilly shouts "Even if he does, there is no way in hell that i'm going to like him back so you can get that image out of your head right now!" "okay, okay" Hallie says "it was only a thought." the rest of the time they studied for a test in Chemistry.


knock knock

there was a knock at Lilly's door about 20 minutes after Kayla and Hallie left. 'great Taylor's here!' Lilly thought. Lilly opened the door to find Taylor standing there with a leather jacket and some ripped jeans on. "Take a picture.. it'll last longer." Taylor says smirking at Lilly, who was plainly staring at him. "Are you gunna just stand there or are you gunna come in?" Lilly says, ignoring what Taylor just said. it had been 20 minutes and Lilly had gotten bored. "Can we do something more interesting then just studying from the book?" she says bored. "How about every time you answer a question wrong you take off a piece of clothing and same goes for me." Taylor responds. "Only in your dreams." Lilly says. "okay how about every time you answer a question wrong you pick out a consequence from a bowl and every time you get one right i have to do the same?" Taylor asks. "Okay Deal!" Lilly says as they shake hands and get a bowl, paper, and pens for the game. they both write down about 10 consequences. the first question Lilly got wrong. She put her hand into the bowl and pick out one of them. she unfolded it and it said 'kiss Taylor'. 'that little prick' she thought to herself. a smile grew to her face when she realize it didn't say where. Lilly went over and sat next to Taylor and kissed him on the cheek. she then walked back to her original spot. the next question she got right. Taylor pulled out a card and read the words out loud "Take off one piece of clothing." he then took off his jacket. Lilly could see his abs through his shirt. The next question Lilly answered she got right. Taylor pulled out another card and read out loud again "Take off an article of clothing." this time in Lilly's handwriting. he gave Lilly a confused look. "Hey, maybe i wanted to mix it up a bit." Lilly says giggling. "Lilly please answer this wrong because i'm scared there is going to be more of those 'remove your clothes' ones in there"Taylor says laughing. Lilly felt a little weird. She was actually having fun with Taylor. Lilly answered the next one right and Taylor pulled out another piece of paper and read out loud. "Tell your biggest secret." Taylor got up and sat next to Lilly and whispered in her ear "i have no secrets." it sent chills going down Lilly's back. she looked up and Taylor's lips were less than a centimeter apart from hers. He slowly got closer and kissed her. The tip of his tongue was at the front of her mouth, and Lilly blushed deeply as she opened her mouth almost immediately, allowing him to slip his tongue into her mouth. Taylor then kissed and nibbled lightly at her neck. "ohhhh....... Taylor..." Lilly very lightly moaned, biting her lip. Taylor then moved back to her lips. Their lips parted seconds later. "you cant tell anyone about this, and i do have one secret" Taylor whispers to Lilly. She could feel his soft, barely chapped lips touching her ear as he spoke. "what is it?" Lilly asks. "it's having a crush on you" Taylor said. And with that he got up, got his stuff and left. Leaving Lilly's jostled and shocked mind to process what just happened.

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