Secrets of lovers

Lilly is the leader of her clique, most popular girl in school, co- captain of the cheer squad, 10th grade beautiful Mrs. perfect.. Yet single. But not when she meets Taylor, bad boy of the school, with a large reputation for getting into trouble... And Lilly's new chemistry partner.. But there isn't just educational chemistry between these two;) Can they keep their love a secret, and their reputations alive?


18. Meeting her family

  Vincent was waiting for them when they got there. "Lilly! God I've been waiting for like a half an hour." He said, laughing as he hugged his sister. "Who's this?" he asked pointing to Taylor. "My chemistry partner. We have a project due when we get back so." Lilly said. "Okay." Vincent said, walking up to Taylor. "I'm Vincent. Lilly's older brother." He said, holding out his hand. "Hey, I'm Taylor" Taylor said, shaking his hand. Lilly silently put her hands over her face, shaking her head. Hallie looked at her and smiled, trying not to laugh. "Well let's head out. Everyone's waiting for us at home." Vincent said. And they walked out to the car. Lilly saw that Vincent had brought the bigger car with more seats. 'Dammit. I was gonna try and sit in his lap.' She thought to herself as they got in the car. In the other car there was only three other seats beside the drivers. So Lilly was hoping for him to of brought that one.

  "Uh.. Can I ask a question?" Taylor said as they drove towards their home. "What is it?" Lilly asked, looking at him with concern. The two were holding hands and where their hands were Vincent couldn't see them. "How many people are in your family?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "Oh. Well, there's me, Vincent, Alina, Natalie, and Brett. And obviously my parents so... seven." She said, giggling. "Big family." He said, smiling. "Yeah, well usually Italians have big families(Can I get a confirm on that? Not to be like racist or whatever, just asking.)." She said, "Oh.. And my father will speak italian sometimes to us so.. You'll have to just deal with it." She said. "You speak Italian?" Taylor asked, turning to look at her. "Pretty much fluently." Lilly replied, letting out a small laugh. "Say something then." He said, smirking at her. "Benvenuti a casa nostra. Buona fortuna si tratta di mio padre." She said, laughing at the expression on Taylor's face. "It means 'welcome to our home. Good luck dealing with my father." She said, smiling. Vincent laughed, "Cause that's going to go well. It doesn't matter if you're not dating. He's still gonna freak.".

  They finally got to Lilly'house and Hallie and Kayla went over to their own homes. Lilly and Taylor walked inside and her mother ran up and bear hugged her. "Oh sweetie I missed you so much! How have you been, everyone is so excited to see you.... Is this him?" Her mom asked, her gaze drifting over to Taylor. Lilly blushed, "Yeah. He's just my chemistry partner.. It's okay."  she said, smiling reassuringly. Lilly was amazing at lying, though she did it very often. Taylor smiled a soft smile and nodded at her mother. "Alright. Well you're father is waiting in the living room for you along with the others." Lilly's mother said. They walked into the other room and her father walked up and hugged her, speaking in Italian to her saying "Oh, my little girl I missed you so much.". Lilly spoke back, confusing Taylor majorly as she said, " I missed you too papa. I'm glad I get to spend Christmas with you all.". They all sat down. Lilly was a bit confused at the fact that her father said nothing about Taylor. Taylor was sleeping in the guest bedroom, and Lilly was happy that it was right next to hers.

  Lilly shot up from her bed screaming at about 3 in the morning. She'd been having nightmares about the man that broke into their house when she was 13. The man had attempted to kill her and her older sister. Never had she been more terrified. That's why she was so sensitive and she was afraid of storms because there had been a thunderstorm that night, so seeing them made her remember the man holding her with a knife. From that day forth she couldn't sleep alone. It she always had nightmares about it. Taylor came into the room, running over to Lilly as she began to cry. He held her, softly whispering into her ear, "Shhh. It's okay. Now tell me what's wrong.". And Lilly explained the whole story to Taylor. She continued crying. Taylor held her, rubbing her back and whispering calming words to her. Lilly pulled them under the covers and drifted off in his arms, sleeping peacefully the rest of the night. She always felt safe in his arms.

  Her sister, Alina walked in to make sure Lilly was okay and gasped. Walking over to the bed, she shook Lilly, "What is he doing in here?" She said, pointing at him. "I had a nightmare and he was the only one who came in here... You don't have to worry.. I feel safe with him. He's protective.." Lilly whispered, not wanting to wake him up. Alina sighed, "Alright.. I'll keep Mom and Dad out of the the room until you both get up. Sleep good. I trust you won't do anything stupid?" She said, looking at her, pursing her lips. "Yes, I promise. He's just my friend. And my chem partner." Lilly answered. And with that Alina left the room and Lilly kissed Taylor's cheek and drifted off again.

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