Secrets of lovers

Lilly is the leader of her clique, most popular girl in school, co- captain of the cheer squad, 10th grade beautiful Mrs. perfect.. Yet single. But not when she meets Taylor, bad boy of the school, with a large reputation for getting into trouble... And Lilly's new chemistry partner.. But there isn't just educational chemistry between these two;) Can they keep their love a secret, and their reputations alive?


36. I'm coming

Lilly laid in bed, sighing softly, her baby bump was visible, very visible and she felt fat and ugly. She was 3 months in and pretty much all she did was eat and sleep and lay around and hang with her friends. But today... Today was different... It was Lilly and Taylor's anniversary... She rolled over and started crying. Hallie walked in with Kayla following behind. "Hey hey now.." Hallie said, walking to her side. "She got up and moved behind Lilly and cuddled her softly, trying to calm her down. Kaylie was on her knees, holding Lilly's hand. she calmed down for a little while and fell asleep. Kayla moved and cuddled Hallie until Lilly woke up. They walked outside to get some fresh air.

Meanwhile, Taylor sat anxiously on a plane. "Attention passengers we will be landing in Miami in 10 minutes" The flight attendant said. Taylor smiled and layed his head back.

Lilly sat back down, sighing softly. Then, her phone went off. She answered it "H-Hello?" She asked.

"hey beautiful" Came an angelic boyish voice.

Lilly's heart stopped "T-Taylor?!" She squealed.

"Baby I have a present for you. Go outside" He said.

Lilly jumped up and ran outside.

Taylor stood on the sidewalk, with a cute little bow that you put on presents, on his head.

He opened his arms and smiled "I missed you.."

Lilly screamed and ran and jumped into his arms.

Taylor spun her around, but put her down and grinned at her baby bump, he got on his knees ad put his hands on her sides and kissed her belly "I missed both my babies" He smiled, standing up.

"We missed you too." She smiled.

He leaned down and kissed her softly and the two fell in love all over again.

Everyone else walked outside and grinned, clapping for them.

Lilly, wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close. Taylor didn't want to hurt the baby so he rested his hands on her hips.

The walked inside, holding hands and they fell onto the couch, Taylor holding Lilly close and rubbing her stomach softly. Lilly giggled and Taylor kissed her cheek. "All ours" He smiled, nuzzling her cheek. Lilly smiled and leaned back into his arms "All ours baby" She whispered.


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