Secrets of lovers

Lilly is the leader of her clique, most popular girl in school, co- captain of the cheer squad, 10th grade beautiful Mrs. perfect.. Yet single. But not when she meets Taylor, bad boy of the school, with a large reputation for getting into trouble... And Lilly's new chemistry partner.. But there isn't just educational chemistry between these two;) Can they keep their love a secret, and their reputations alive?


29. Hallie and Kayla's 'night'

*Hey guys, thought I might show you what happened with Hallie and Kayla before I move onto Lilly. Enjoy:) And if you don't like lesbians, then whatever, get out of here. Homophobic comments get deleted.*

~*~New year's eve~*~

Kayla had dragged Hallie out onto the dance floor where everyone else was dancing. Hallie looked into Kayla's eyes and smiled, "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?". Kayla giggled and kissed Hallie again, the two could taste the alcohol on each others lips, but ignored it. "I know it may be kinda weird to admit this to you.. But.. I've kinda had a big crush on you since the 8th grade.." Kayla said, looking down at the floor. The moment becoming slightly serious. Hallie lifted up Kayla's chin so she could look into her beautiful silver-blue eyes. "I like you too." Hallie replied, kissing Kayla's lips softly. "So.. Like, are you bi?" Kayla asked, holding Hallie's hand tightly. "Yeah.. I never told you or Lilly cause I was scared of what you guys would say.." Hallie said, taking Kayla and dragging her over to the couch. Everyone else was drunk so no one noticed Hallie sitting in Kayla's lap, facing her. Hallie leaned forward and kissed the brunette passionately, yet slightly rough, bracing her hands on the couch.

Kayla's hand drifted down Hallie's chest and squeezed her breasts lightly, nibbling on her bottom lip. Hallie moaned softly. "Let's finish this later at your dorm." Hallie whispered, kissing Kayla's ear. They climbed of the couch and went and hung out with everyone else until the tension became too much.

'Okay, where is she.. I want her now..' Hallie thought to herself as she looked for the hyper girl. She finally found her, eating a ton of cupcakes and other sugary deserts.She looked really hot to Hallie and Hallie felt herself becoming slightly turned on as she looked at the girl's body. Kayla looked up and saw Hallie, biting her lip and smiling seductively. Kayla put down the food and walked, swaying her hips, towards Hallie. Kayla's hands held Hallie's waist and she leaned forward, kissing her jawline. "You ready to go?" Kayla asked. "Mhm.. I want you.. Now..." Hallie said, giggling and licking her lips. The only weird part of this.. Was the fact that both girls weren't really that drunk. Hallie grabbed Kayla by her hand and dragged her out to the car. "Are you sure we should be driving?" Kayla asked as they climbed in the car. "It's fine. I've only had a couple drinks. I'm just a bit buzzed. It's not like I can't see anything." Hallie replied, pulling out of the driveway. "Good, cause I want us to remember this." Kayla said, squirming in her seat. They finally got back to Hallie's dorm and Hallie leaned up and put her ear against the door. And, just as she figured, she heard: "Fuck Taylor, you're so deep inside of me!" Lilly moaned, and Hallie rolled her eyes. "My dorm?" Kayla said. Hallie nodded and they both walked into her room. This was gonna be amazing, for both of them.


~*~ Mature content. And if homophobic comments will get deleted. Don't read if you don't like gays~*~


Kayla couldn't control herself as she shut the door. She jumped forward and grabbed Hallie's butt, causing the girl to moan. Kayla picked the girl up and Hallie's legs wrapped around her new found lover's waist, and they flopped down on her bed. They both thanked the lord that Kaylie's roommate was Tracy so she usually was just at her house. And that she'd be there for a while.

Hallie started grinding against Kayla's hips, causing both of them to moan. Hallie pulled off her own shirt and Kayla reached behind her and unhooked Hallie's bra, revealing her C cup sized breasts. Kayla felt saliva forming in her mouth and she flipped Hallie onto her back and pulled her own shirt and bra off. Kayla leaned down and closed her lips over one of Hallie's breasts. Hallie arched her back into the touch and groaned. Kayla's tongue ran over the hardened nipple, causing Hallie to tilt her head back and let out a high pitched moan. "Oh Kayla!" She moaned, fisting Kayla's soft hair. Kayla bit down softly and Hallie wrapped her legs around Kayla's waist and started grinding against her. Kayla let out a low groan and smirked. "You wanna play dirty huh." Kayla said. Her body moved back up and her hair hung around both of the girls. They both bit their lip and blushed. Kayla reached down and unbuttoned Hallie's jeans, dragging them off and kissing up Hallie's legs. "mmm Kayla.. M-more.." Hallie groaned, bucking her hips. Hallie unbuttoned Kayla's jeans and pulled them off her, leaving the girls in just their underwear. Kayla began sliding her body up and down against Hallie's, both girls letting out soft moans and groans. Kayla pushed a knee in between Hallie's legs and rubbed against her. Hallie moaned loudly, grinding against her leg. Kayla stopped rubbing and started kissing her neck, sucking lightly. She pulled back a minute later and saw Hallie's neck covered in hickey's. She blushed. "Woops.. Got a bit carried away.. Sorry." She said, biting her lip. "It's okay.. I wanted you to leave marks on me.." Hallie said, putting a hand on Kayla's soft, warm cheek. Kayla smiled and kissed Hallie's lips softly and very passionately.. Her tongue pushed into her mouth and Hallie's arms wrapped around her neck, letting out a low moan. They pulled back and Hallie whispered, "Make love to me Kayla... Please.. I want you to be my first time..". Kayla looked into her eyes and she smiled. Kayla pulled Hallie's underwear off and Hallie pulled off Kayla's. Kayla began kissing down Hallie's neck, going lower and lower until she reached her destination. Kayla's tongue pushed against Hallie's clit and Hallie's back arched and she moaned loudly. "Oh.. Oh KAYLA!!" Hallie cried. Kayla's tongue played with Hallie until she felt Hallie's hand grabbed the back of her head. Kayla smiled and looked up at Hallie, who looked into her eyes and nodded slightly.

  Kayla pushed her tongue inside of Hallie and flicked her tongue around inside her pussy. "K-KAYLA!! YESS!! Ohhh I've never felt so.. so amazing!!" Hallie cried out, arching her back again. Hallie's moans filled the silence of the room quickly. Kayla felt Hallie's walls close around her tongue and she knew Hallie was about to cum. "Oh fuck.. I'm gonna.. I'm gonna.. OH KAYLA!!!" Hallie cried out, shouting her new found lover's name into the night, her back arching as she came. Kayla felt Hallie's cum come into her mouth. It tasted sweet to her and she swallowed, dragging her tongue and cleaning up her mess.  She climbed back up and flopped down next to Hallie, who was gasping for breath. After she caught her breath, she pinned Kayla down and repeated the movement, cause she'd never done this before. But Kayla seemed to enjoy it a lot. "Ohhhh HALLIEEE!!!" She screamed, covering Hallie's face in her.. Yeah. Hallie crawled up next to Kayla and smiled, pecking her on the lips. Hallie sat up and reached for her underwear. But Kayla, reached forward and snatched Hallie's black, lacy underwear from Hallie's hand. "Uh.. Those are mine babe." Hallie said. "I know. They're mine now. You take these." Kayla giggled, putting on the underwear and handing Hallie her lacy purple underwear. Hallie smiled and put them on, suggling up against Kayla and wrapping an arm around her waist. "Kayla.." Hallie said, biting her lip, her heart pounding. "Hm? What is it love?" Kayla said, turning her head to look at Hallie. "Will.. Will you.. Be my girlfriend?" Hallie asked, gulping. Kayla opened her mouth, but just smiled and threw her arms around Hallie, nuzzling her head into Hallie's neck. "Yes.. But uh.. Can we keep this.. Like a secret.. I don't want either of us to get hurt. And I don't want to hurt anyone else because I'll kill them if they hurt you.." Kayla said, snuggling closer to Hallie. Hallie smiled and held her tightly, playing with her hair. "It's fine with me. Goodnight baby." Hallie said, snuggling up in Kayla's arms and drifting off. "Goodnight sweetheart." Kayla said, kissing Hallie's cheek and wrapping an arm around her waist. This was gonna be fun to keep a secret..

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