Secrets of lovers

Lilly is the leader of her clique, most popular girl in school, co- captain of the cheer squad, 10th grade beautiful Mrs. perfect.. Yet single. But not when she meets Taylor, bad boy of the school, with a large reputation for getting into trouble... And Lilly's new chemistry partner.. But there isn't just educational chemistry between these two;) Can they keep their love a secret, and their reputations alive?


15. discovering feelings

  Lilly woke up and felt an absence in the bed. She turned over and saw no Taylor, yet Hallie was getting ready for school. "Where's Taylor?" She said, sitting up. She felt her stomach turning. 'He wouldn't leave me.... Would he?' she thought to herself. Hallie turned around and ran over to the bed, "Don't freak out Lilly. I just kicked him out because I had to take a shower. I didn't mean to scare you." She said, rubbing her friends shoulder. "God. I almost had a heart attack. Where is he?" She asked, turning to see his shirt tucked under her pillow. " He went to go get ready. You'll see him during 2nd period." Hallie said, getting up to fix her make-up. "Good thing we have that class first!" Lilly said, jumping up to get ready. After she was ready she walked over and pulled the shirt out from under the pillow. She held it up to her face, 'It smells like him...' She thought to herself, smiling. And she put it back under her pillow and left for class.

  "And so I turned and right hooked him in the jaw, knocking him down and winning the match." Taylor said to his friends and they all laughed. Lilly walked over from her friends and sat down as the bell rang. "Sorry about this morning, the royal pain kicked me out before you woke up." Taylor whispered, touching Lilly's hand with his. "It's okay. You know you left your shirt right?" She said, looking up to make sure the teacher wasn't looking at them. "I know. I left it there for you when I'm not there." He said, slowly leaning under the table to get his notebook. "You're so sweet" Lilly whispered, gently brushing her foot against his leg. Before he came back up he kissed her hand and Lilly blushed lightly. Later that day in math class, they had a test that neither students studied for because they hadn't had very many tutoring sessions and the ones they had... They really didn't study.

  When Lilly got back to her dorm she found that no one was there. "okay." She said to herself, walking over to her computer. She grabbed it and sat on her bed. She went onto google(not bing aha! Idk.) and looked up something rather embarrassing. 'Symptoms of having sexual feelings for someone'. She blushed as she scrolled over the page and after reading some 'certain technical' terms she sighed. 'Why... I don't want to have sex with him.... Do I?..' She thought to herself. She figured out what the aching was, her body being aroused from his touch, causing her face to turn bright red. She bit her lip, slowly reading over 'how to keep herself from making a bad choice at a young age'. When Hallie walked in the room, throwing her bag on her bed. Lilly's head shot up and she quickly exited out of the page, or so she thought, and got on facebook. 'please please please don't say anything....' She thought, her heart thumping and her body frozen. "You alright, you look a little pale." Hallie said, walking over to the girl. "What'cha doin? Lookin' at something you shouldn't be? Like maybe through Taylors facebook pictures?" She said, giggling and pulling the laptop away from Lilly. She looked over the computer, her eyebrow raising as she saw the 'extra' tab still on the screen. "What?" Hallie said, sitting down and opening up the tab. Lilly was freaking out, she didn't know whether to cry or to yank the laptop away from her and see what she was looking at. 'Fuck! Did I forget to close the page? Oh... No no.. Please...' She cried out in her mind. "Uh... Something you want to talk about? I mean... This is kinda a big deal... Not to scare you or anything... I know you're sensitive to this kinda stuff... But like, everyone feels like this sometimes... So... You wanna tell me what all this is about..?" Hallie said, turning the computer around to show the un-closed page, confirming the freak out in Lilly's mind.

  "... I don't want to 'do it' with her yet. And I know she Isn't either, so.." Taylor said, sitting down and unwrapping his boxing wraps for his hands. "Okay! Chill, I was just asking because you've stayed with her twice already. I didn't mean to offend you." Ronan said as she grabbed the weights and started his routine. " I mean... I wouldn't mind it.. But she's too sensitive and I don't want to hurt her." He said, stretching his arms out before doing his sit-ups. " Everyone thinks like that lad. You can't control it." Ronan said. "Yeah. I kinda noticed when I got a fucking boner while she was sitting on my lap in nothing but her damn underwear and bra." Taylor said, grunting as he sat up after doing 45 sit-ups. "Woah. She must of been embarrassed." Ronan said, putting down the weights and chuckling. "Uh.. Well, she kinda had a small 'issue'" Taylor said, doing the little bunny fingers thing when he said issue, "Down in that area as well. I guess both of us thought we'd be doing it so.. Yeah, I think we should head back. It's like 5:30, we gotta get to the football game so we can see Ryan score the winning touchdown again! Like the little player he is, on and off the field." Taylor said, laughing at his joke. "Uh huh. Or is it that you want to see you cheerleader girlfriend in her short little skirt." Ronan said, almost falling over and laughing. "Fuck you." Taylor said.

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