Secrets of lovers

Lilly is the leader of her clique, most popular girl in school, co- captain of the cheer squad, 10th grade beautiful Mrs. perfect.. Yet single. But not when she meets Taylor, bad boy of the school, with a large reputation for getting into trouble... And Lilly's new chemistry partner.. But there isn't just educational chemistry between these two;) Can they keep their love a secret, and their reputations alive?


6. Best wake up call... Ever

Sorry for the suddenly really long chapter, but i felt like writing a long one:) Also, there's some... meh... in this, so be warned. 

 Taylor woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. Which he'd set early, on a Saturday. He groaned and got up, while his roommate, Ronan, just rolled over and groaned even louder, "Turn the damn thing off Taylor. I'm trying to sleep." Ronan said. Ronan is not just Taylor's roommate, but also his best friend. They became friends when Ronan transferred from Ireland. So, he still had an Irish accent. "Sorry Ro(his nickname), but i gotta get over to Lilly's dorm before she wakes up. Or, at least before she leaves to go on her vacation." Taylor answered as he got dressed. "Ah, that's right. What exactly does she see in you again? In fact, what do any of the girls see in you?" Ronan said, laughing. "Shut up." Taylor said, punching Ronan in the arm. He grabbed his jacket and headed towards the girls dorm.

  Lilly was asleep when Hallie left to go and put their stuff in the car. Taylor walked down the hallway quietly and cautiously. He made it to her dorm and found the door unlocked. He slowly pushed the door open to see a small blonde fast asleep on one of the beds. He looked around the room to see if anyone else was there and saw a headset... And a gaming console. 'I wonder which one plays' he thought to himself. No one else was in the room, so he walked over to the bed that Lilly was sleeping on. He leaned down and lightly kissed her ear. She made a small noise, but didn't wake up. So, he stood up and pulled the covers back and grinned. She wore a tank top, a pair of sleep shorts, and knee socks. He decided to mess with her a bit more by taking his shirt off,  climbing under the covers.

  Lilly's muscles tensed as she felt the bed shift, but relaxed quickly as Taylor's warm body pressed against her back. His arms wrapped around her and she slowly turned over, her eyes closed to seem as if she were still asleep, and buried her face in his chest., and Taylor buried his face in her hair. She knew better, she knew this was wrong... But she just couldn't pull away. 'His skin is so soft.... And warm... Besides his rock irresistible muscles.... and his lips..... What am i thi- oh forget it, i give up resisting. But no one can know how i feel, especially him.... This would kill my good reputation. And i was sent here to not get into trouble.' Lilly thought to herself, blushing. She felt his lips press against her head. She let out a small grumble and placed her hands on his chest, next to her head. "What do you want?" She mumbled, her voice scratchy and actually kind of low. Which of course, Taylor thought was extremely sexy. "Well good morning to you too grumpy." He said as she pulled her face back to look into his eyes. The way her eyes were looking into his were also incredibly sexy to Taylor. He responded to the look she gave him by leaning down and kissing her. Lilly hesitated but then started kissing back surprisingly. His hands found her hips and pushed her onto her back. His hands moved and pinned her wrists against the pillow, his lips yet again finding her neck, He kissed and bit at her neck, slowly moving down. She moaned softly, not wanting to wake anyone in a nearby dorm. He used his nose to push away both her straps and awkwardly kissed down her chest, earning a rather loud moan. "Ah... ohh my G-... Taylor!" She moaned, feeling an ache between her legs starting to form. Both were so focused on each other that Lilly almost screamed when her phone rang.

 Lilly sat up and grabbed her iphone off the nightstand, but Taylor wasn't finished, he wanted to see if she could keep quiet. "Let's play phone moan." Taylor whispered. She gave him a confused look so he just continued with what he was doing like the phone call wasn't happening. "H-hello?" Lilly answered, trying to keep her moans and cries inside of her currently scrambled mind. "Get up. I got the stuff in the car and so now i'm trying to wake up Kayla." Hallie said. Lilly tried to stop herself from moaning by biting her lip, blushing deeply as Taylor ran his tongue across one of her "turn-on" spots, right on her waistline. But it was too late, she had already made a noise. "Uh, are you okay?" Hallie asked suspiciously. "Huh? Oh, yeah. Heh, i hit my freaking toe on the edge of the bed. "Oh, okay. Meet us at the car. Cause Kayla just ran down the hall." Hallie said. Lilly's mouth clamped shut, both her and Taylor freezing as they heard foot steps outside.

  "See you in a few." Hallie said, hanging up the phone. Taylor immediately went back to what he was doing before. Lilly needed him to stop, but she didn't want him to. She hadn't realized how far down he had gotten until, "Oh My godd! Ohhh Taylorr!!" She cried feeling his hands move up her sides, his tongue dragging along the line he'd been kissing. She felt the aching become worse, but she didn't know what it meant. He started at her waistline, brushing his lips across the area, causing her to throw her head back and moan... After he had made it back up to her neck, she glanced a the clock, it said 7:43. Then she realized the flight left at 10. "I need to get ready." Lilly said in between gasps. "Well, I'll be waiting for you when you get back." He said, climbing off of her. She quickly got up and grabbed her clothes. She turned and stared at him "Do you mind?" She said sternly. "No, not at all. Go ahead." He responded walking over to the console and turning it on. "I don't have time for this." Lilly said sighing. She walked to the other side of the room. Being her dumb self, she didn't even think about the bathroom. "I fucking swear... If you turn around... you will not live to see tomorrow." Lilly said in a clearly serious tone. Taylor just continued with his game, but he knew he shouldn't. Lilly blushed lightly as she changed her sleep shorts into a regular pair. Taylor basically did the opposite of what she told him to do. He spun around and bolted over to her, she dropped the shirt that she was holding in her left hand, and the tank top she had just taken off in her right. He grabbed her shoulders and kissed her again, for probably the thousandth time that morning. Then he leaned back away from the half shocked, half embarrassed girl. He turned and walked back to the game he was playing. Lilly just stood there, a deep red staining her cheeks and ears. ' Fine, wanna play dirty, i grew up with 2 boys. My brothers had perverted minds so i know how to play dirty.' She thought to her self.

  Lilly ran over and began placing light kisses on Taylor's bare back. He sighed with satisfaction and turned off the console, allowing her to continue. She still hadn't put her shirt on, so she was just in shorts and her bra. She pressed her chest against his back and nibbled lightly on his ear earning for herself a minor turn on, her name being moaned. "..Lilly....mmm.." Taylor moaned loudly,she wrapped her arms around his waist, running a finger down his leg and back up, teasing him. She leaned back onto her knees, getting a groan of disappointment from the boy. "I have to go, now." she said sadly. She couldn't believe herself. If it had been any other guy, she would of killed them, then herself... But he was different.'ugh.. I need to get this out of my head... I can't like him... Your popularity, and if your parents found out!' She thought quickly. Both of them quickly got ready again. Taylor turned around to face her and leaned forward to kiss her goodbye before she left. Their lips were centimeters apart when the door opened. "What the hell is going on here?!"...

hey It's Nikk! i decide to be mean this chapter and point out Mikayla's spelling mistakes :P you're welcome! lol 4 mistakes lol i'm so mean! you're welcome ;)

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