Secrets of lovers

Lilly is the leader of her clique, most popular girl in school, co- captain of the cheer squad, 10th grade beautiful Mrs. perfect.. Yet single. But not when she meets Taylor, bad boy of the school, with a large reputation for getting into trouble... And Lilly's new chemistry partner.. But there isn't just educational chemistry between these two;) Can they keep their love a secret, and their reputations alive?


10. Back to school

  Lilly was shaking with anticipation as the three girls sat on the plane heading back to Huntington. "Ugh! How long have we been here!" Lilly said groaning with boredom. "We only have about 2 hours left. Calm yourself." Hallie said, giggling. She knew the real reason Lilly wanted to get back so quickly. Hallie leaned over and whispered to Lilly, "What's waiting for you a school huh? A.... Hot, shirtless, muscled boy perhaps?" Hallie giggled and she watched as Lilly's face turned bright red and bit her lip smacking her friend. 'Now i want to get back even faster..' Lilly thought. "I hate you... So much.." Lilly said. "Love you too." Hallie said laying her head back on the seat.

Taylor's head shot up at the sound of his phone going off. It was Ronan.

R- Hey. Micah wanted to apologize. He said he didn't mean to offend you.

Taylor thought for once before replying.

T- ... Whatever. Just make sure he doesn't find out about me and her. ur not even supposed to know.

R- Got it.

~*~about 4 hours later~*~

Lilly pulled her phone out and sent a message to Taylor

L- we're back:)

T- ok can't wait to see you. is there anyone with you?

L-.. Hallie and Kayla went off on some dumb double date thing.

T- Be right over

Lilly smiled, looking at the clock that said '8:30', and for some reason felt all fluttery inside. Like she was nervous to see him. She ran over to the mirror. 'Do i look okay? What will he think .... What if.. What if...' Lilly kept thinking of the negatives. 'Why am i so nervous?' She though, confused.

  Taylor walked up to the door and knocked quietly. Lilly walked over and opened it, only to be pushed back and kissed before she  could retaliate. She hesitated, but jumped right into it as she heard the door shut behind Taylor. He flipped them around and shoved Lilly against the door, her shirt riding up, and the skin on her lower back meeting the cold door. She whined as her skin touched the door, pushing herself against Taylor to get away from it. Taylor's arms wrapped around her waist and he pulled his lips away. "Thought i should say hello." He said, smirking. "That was quite a hello you just gave me." Lilly said, her arms moving to wrap around his neck. "I can't stay long cause of that dumb curfew. I just wanted to see you." He said, leaning down to kiss gently along her jawline. "Bummer. Guess you can't stay the night here." Lilly said, smiling as her boyfriend's head jerked back. He leaned back down and pushed their lips together, hungrily pushing his hands against the hem of her shirt. Lilly pushed him back, she was teasing with him. And he knew it. "Not like that, smart ass." She said, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. "I missed you though." Taylor said, leaning down to kiss her again, she was too quick. "Uh uh. You have to wait till after the movie tomorrow." She said, sitting down on the bed. Taylor groaned as he looked at the clock, 9:25. "I don't wanna go now. Please?" He said, sticking his bottom lip out. "If you wait," Lilly said, smiling seductively, "We can go a bit further tomorrow. Not a lot, just s bit." "But i don't wanna wait!" Taylor said, using his quick reflexes to pin Lilly down and graze his lips across her neck. He sucked on the side of her neck, leaving another small mark. She arched her back, "S-seriously... Wait till tomorrow babe!..." She managed to get out in between gasps. He pulled back and let her sit up, kissing her passionately as he got up to leave. "I wish i could stay. But at least i get to hold you tomorrow." Taylor whispered in her ear, sending a slight shiver down his girlfriend's spine. "Goodbye, go back to your dorm." Lilly said, pushing him out the door. They were lucky no one saw them. The movie was gonna be perfect tomorrow.

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